Friday & Sunday

Friday Night:
Duration: 00:29:04, HR Avg: 152, HR Max: 164, Calories: 343 kcal, Distance: 6.36 km, Pace Avg: 04:34 min/km, Training Load: 83

Sunday Morning:
Duration: 02:31:45, HR Avg: 148, HR Max: 165, Calories: 1720 kcal, Distance: 31.56 km, Pace Avg: 04:48 min/km, Training Load: 331

Both sessions revealed something about my fitness.
Firday showed that the lack of intensity in my build is hindering my ability to hold a high pace or HR for ery long.
Sunday showed me that my long training runs are of great benefit. I also noticed a ‘new’ behavior in the knee. It was completely pain free for the first 8kms of the run. During the 9th kilometer the pain appeared. I focused a little and upped the pace and the pain went away. This pain came back during kilometer 12 and, once again, after increasing teh pace the pain subsided.
Looking at the data after the run I noticed that both km 9 and 12 were 5:xx/km whereas all other ones were 4:4x/km. What it says to me is that whatever form I adopt while running slow does me damage. Not surprising since I have been running 4:10-4:30/km for over a year; I have obviously adopted to it.
So to aviod pain there is a simple rule: hurry-the-fuck-up!