Test Time II

Last week’s test time was a failure.
16 km M-Paced run (8km out and back) showed an extreme fade in pace as the run progressed.
I’m now on my way to attempt the exact same run again.


Last Week:
Duration: 01:12:52, HR Avg: 156, HR Max: 164, Calories: 899 kcal, Distance: 16.2 km, Pace Avg: 04:28 min/km, Training Load: 206

This Week:
Duration: 01:12:10, HR Avg: 156, HR Max: 164, Calories: 859 kcal, Distance: 16.41 km, Pace Avg: 04:23 min/km, Training Load: 197

Better but not there yet.
HR stats are interesting to say the least.
I started easier this week and there was far less fade: 4:19/km out vs 4:26/km back
Last week was 4:18/km out vs 4:39/km back

So to wrap it up – promising but the truth that is beginning to reveal itself is not what I was planning on 3 weeks ago when I started this journey. I’d say I have 16 days of real training remaining.
2 long runs, 3 M-Pacers and some more intensive stuff too.
What will happen on the big day? Who knows; I most certainly don’t yet.