Interesting Week

After being very worried about the health of my knees the week worked out pretty well.
I did my first back to back runs of this build and I will uise the treadmill run a lot in the future. Very safe on the knees and very hard on the body; exactly what I need.
I took a day’s rest and then topped off the week with my long run. A copy/paste from
Duration: 02:28:39, HR Avg: 146, HR Max: 162, Calories: 1649 kcal, Distance: 30.36 km, Pace Avg: 04:51 min/km, Training Load: 310
That’s not a bad way to end the week.
Knee pain came and went during the run and as I suit here and type, 24 hours later, my knees (that’s plural) are feeling a little sore. That’s the reality of the situation and is to be accepted. I’ve had knee pain before and recovered quickly – this particular flaovor of knee pain is not nearly as bad as my previous cases; in those cases I couldn’t run… I know pain is bad and should be listened to. I know. I know. Watch this space; could be a train wreck comming.