The knee feels good today.
Perhaps movement heals the body.
Perhaps the Marathon is indeed on.
Perhaps I’ll run again today.


On my way home from work I decided to go to the gym. I though I was going to do some concept2 stuff but the treadmill was calling. I figured that some treadmill work would be fairly easy on the knee and that a steep inclined one would be even kinder.
With that in mind, I set the timer for 30 minutes, the slope to 1% and the speed to 14km/h and odder along. After 5 minutes warmup I started to turn the screws:
2 x (1:30 @ 6.5 % 1:30 at 0.5% – all at 14km/h)
4 minutes more at 14km/h on 1% then
5 x (1:30 @ 6.5 % 1:30 at 0.5% – all at 14km/h)

I then did a 15 minute easy swim; my first swim since Stockholm triathlon. I was playing around with my breathing. I think I found a flaw. I turn to take a breath while in the peak of the pull phase. I think this might cause turbulence at a time when I least need it. It would probably be better to wait until the pull is finished and then turn quickly to breath… I’m still in the tinkering phase but it’s definitely something to explore.

Pretty happy now with the knee.
I’ll wait until Sunday before I run again and I’ll try and do 30km…

Test Time

I have not run for three days… now it’s time to test the knee.
The plan is to do a 14 or 16km M-Paced run and see how the knee responds to the task.
I have no doubt that my fitness will be more than a match for it, but will my robustness be.
If this causes trouble it will be time for a reevaluation of my plan and priorities.

If it is an epic failure I will consider doing rowing and cycling to keep general fitness up while I address the knee.
I’ll just go now and see how it feels. Back in 70 minutes…


90 minutes later…

I ran and the facts are as follows:

The knee (left) is not bad but not great.
There was varying degrees of discomfort during the run – mainly on the downhills. On the flats it was mostly pain free. When I stopped it was pretty stiff and tender. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow and start propper rehab while trying to keep running.

I wrote above “I have no doubt that my fitness will be more than a match for it…”; was I ever wrong.
Lap 1: 8km, 4:19/km @ 154 av. HR
Lap 2: 8km, 4:39/km @ 158 av. HR
Total: 16,2km, 4:29/km @ 156 av. HR
Now there is a fade.
There is a lack of fitness.
There is an alarm bell ringing.

Dublin marathon will be tough.
What have I gor myself into?


Now I’m worried.
The knee is still sore two days after the last long run.
This is a first.
I had planned a M-Paced 16km run tomorrow.
That’s now scrapped.
The rule is: No running until 24 pain free hours.


I clad myself from waist to toe in compression garments last night after the run; I don’t know why I did it since I haven’t done it before. I can’t say that this was the reason, but today my left knee is the most painful it has been since I started this marathon escapade despite the fact that it was ok during the run. I’m not worried; I think it’ll be ok tomorrow, but that’s the end of the compression gear for now.

Maybe I’m a little worried!

Second and Sixth

Second long run of the week.
Sixth long run of this express marathon training program.
Felt pretty good tonight until the last 4km (of 27km)… I think I was running low on fuel. I didn’t eat or drink anything for the 2h14min of my run; the last few kilometres I was daydreaming about drinking and eating. That combined with the sudden onset of tiredness (on an otherwise easy run) would suggest that the problem was nutrition and not fitness related.

The left knee held up well today. I think I’ll risk one more week of double-longs and then put the focus on threshold after that.
Recovery first though.

Catch up…

I’ve been busy for two weeks; not busy running unfortunately, but busy nonetheless. As a result I missed two runs. A long one and an M-Paced one. It’s probably not a bad thing since I probably needed the recovery after my last long run.

16.9, 20.9, 23.6 & 25.5 have been my progression so far.
The M-Paced ones have been 9, 11 & 14 today.

This week my HR has been high. This is strange. A low HR usually means that one is over trained or on the verge of being so. A high HR? Not too sure on this… It’s a new one to me.

Anyway, I’m tired and rambling.
Since my last entry on September 8th I have done.
11.1km @ 4:14/km
25.5km @ 4:48/km – this hurt!
14.1km @ 4:19/km – today, and this too was surprisingly difficult.

The question is, with 37 days remaining, how much fitter can I get?
As it reliably and consistently does; time will tell.

Ramble over.

Second Long Run

So for so good.
I believe I survived my second long run of the week. There were aches and pains in both my knees at times but the pain moved around. This made me believe that it was muscular and thus I neither worried nor cut the run short.
It was no walk in the park though; by kilometre 17 I was very much doubting that I would make the planned 24. There were lots of mind games from that point on. It’s late and I’m exhausted so the words aren’t exactly flowing here. I’ll summarise and say: 23,6km // 4:51/km // 147 av. HR // 1:55:05

Bump #1

Bump in the plan.
I woke up this mornig with a slight cold.
Train or not, that is the question…

I felt shit from 06:00-08:00 – I feel ok now.


Fast forward 6 hours and although I felt a little run down and slight headache I headed out for a run at 21:00. Plan was to hold a high but comfortable pace for 10km by going 5km out-and-back from home. Managed an average of 4:15/km with an average HR of 156. Felt pretty good but nothing that I could hold for 42km – you see, the secret about the run was it was to be an M-Paced run. It’s my secret hope that I can run a sub-3 marathon with just 8 weeks training. Extremely unlikely and most likely impossible – yet still on my mind. With only 52 days left the truth shows itself with alarming speed and clarity.

Triathlon Season Review

The triathlon season is over. I did all of one triathlon but nonetheless have learned a lot.
I had planned to do three triathlons and had very lofty aims for the one that was to be my A-Race. As it turned out, I didn’t make it to my A-Race and the B-Race went pretty well considering the year that was.
My training year started in October during which time I was able to manage 4.5 hours per week. My plan was to keep the 4.5 hours while building intensity into the time – eventually having more than 60% of the time at very high intensities. This part worked. Part 2 of the plan was then to add volume while holding the same intensity I had built up – thus working up to an eight hour week. I never did manage to find these eight hours and as a result, the 4,5 hour week became my yearly average. Occasionally I’d try to add some volume in one sport but this just took time from the other ones, leaving me playing catch-up once the ‘volume phase’ was complete in one sport. I’d have been better off not trying in the first place.
For next year, I’m going to have to admit that this is all the time I have and plan around it or find the time I feel I need. That’s going to be worked out over the next few weeks… I’ll probably try to do an end of season big-week just for the purpose of investigation how I can fit it around my life.
As for the numbers… Here they are: From October 10th – today:
Total Training: 210h26min / 4h23m per week
Swim: 24h32m / 0h58min per week
Bike: 73h42m / 1h32min per week
Run: 76h18m / 1h35min per week
Not a lot at all!