All three…

Over the past five days I managed to get in all three sports.

Thursday (the 19th) I get a big swim in.
3×1000 + 10×100
It wasn’t fast but i have th take what I get these days. I can’t expect to be fast when I miss so much swim training.

Friday was a double day.
2×20:00 on the turbo in the AM
11.,3km run in the evening. The 10km Ursvik was done in 44:something. Not too bad.

Saturday was another swim. I don’t know how much I did because a guy in the neighbouring lane insisted on talking to me on several occasions so in lost count (and broke my set). My politeness made the session lower quality than it otherwise would have been.
I think I managed 36×100 on 1:50 – with two chat breaks in between.

I then drank way too much beer on Saturday night and attempted a run just 11 hours after polishing off my last beer. This was a bad idea… I kept running -or I doing something closely approximating running- waiting for the hangover to lift; it didn’t and the pace didn’t either. I called it a day after 4.7 km and headed home having learned a valuable lesson.

I have now just climbed off the trainer after doing 5 minutes warmup followed by 30 minutes hard. I upped the pace with 10 minutes remaining and could hold it until the end. This tells me that I haven’t found my pace for these intervals yet. Not surprising since I have only started doing the longer intervals last week.
I think what will come out of it will be some extra speed from knowledge of pacing first, then the fitness benefits will follow.

Keep at it and try a race or two before the season ends.

Three Days…

…not the Jane’s Addiction song; three days in a row on the Turbo.

Today’s recipe was a short but sharp one.
5 minutes w/u
10 minutes @HIM effort
2 mins easy
5 mins Olympic tri effort
2 mins easy
10 minutes as (1:00 Oly, 1:00 HIM, 2:00 Oly, 2:00 HIM, 5:00 Oly)
2 minutes w/d

I was surprised by the effort I could sustain on the last ten minutes. Yesterday’s 25 minute main set showed me that I can hold a higher pace for longer than I felt or realised. I will run and swim tomorrow and squeeze in another bike set if I can.

Today’s run was cancelled because of, well, let’s say family issues.

Two Days

Two days and two turbo sessions.

First one -on Monday- was 5×5:00(2:00 RI) + 5×1:00 (0:30 RI)

Tuesday I tried a single 25 minute interval to get an idea how a 2×20:00 would feel.

While it was hard, I don’t see how it beats the more intensive sessions. Word on slowtwitch is that the 2×20:00 is better than the short harder intervals but surely it is work done that counts; add up your kilojoules and the most wins. However, if you haven’t done the high intensity stuff, how are you going to cover a breakaway attempt? How are you going to make a mid race move to leave the pack behind (be that a triathlon or a rr pack)?

I’ll give the 2×20:00 a try but will not leave the puke inducing hard stuff behind for the moment.

All going wrong…

Sine my last swim training has been sparse. It took a long time to recover from the trail marathon and the running and cycling training sessions that followed it felt pretty bad. There then came a visit from my family that disturbed four days training and there are many other excuses to be added too.

Basically, it looks like I’m going to do my usual ‘peek in October’ thing. But this year it will need some effort to do so. A family wedding, a stag party and a summer holiday to be thrown into the mix could map it an Autumn to forget.

I’ll try to get a Turbo set and a run done today… try being the appropriate word.
Feeling down.
Close to giving up.

Almost forgot to mention, I swam yesterday: 1000 Easy, 15×100 on 0:20 rest, 1000 Steady
No power in arms. Need to start using the stretch cords since I’m not managing to get to swim training.


… yep, not splish or splash. I feel splosh is a slower sounding word and that is what my first swim in a 50m pool in 6 weeks was; damn slow!

Set was 200 w/u, 100,200,300,400 then 2x(400,300,200,100)
15 seconds between efforts and 30 seconds between sets.

Slow as hell:




Oh dear; it appears that one must keep training to keep one’s speed. Who’da’ thunk?
Trying to see the bright side.

The Best made plans…

…often go awry.

As for plans that are made ‘on the fly’, well, they hardly stand a chance! So it was with yesterday’s great plan. Instead of that plan I did two runs in two days.
Yesterday’s run was poor; I felt bad so cut it short. 7,32km in 31:39 @ 152 av. HR, giving me 4:18/km.

Today I did the Ursvik 10k track and ran it easy – though it didn’t feel that way. Still recovering from Saturday. Today I did the 10k in 43:38, which is a respectable enough time.

Now it’s a case of tour de France or training on the turbo in the shed. Honestly, it’s a tough decision.


Done nothing since Saturday.
I was very sore on Sunday and even worse on Monday.
The horsefly bites were also very itchy and swollen.

Today I feel normal again so I’ll get back to training.
I’d like to do a fast run and bike today.

Swim tomorrow and a long run on Friday.

Let’s see how that plan works.

Stockholm Trail 2012

Well, what can I say… I can say that on a positive note that it was great to experience something new at the ripe old age of 40. On the negative note, I was not in any way prepared for what I just experienced; neither physically or mentally.
It started out as an advertisement in the paper. I read it and thought that it would be a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, it would force me to do some longer running and thus get me more prepared for Dublin Marathon in October. Secondly, because it’s a trail half marathon there would be no pressure to get a new PB since I have no PB for a trail marathon. I know today that I actually had no idea what a trail marathon involved and had I known, I wold have most certainly not been on the start line.

When I arrived at the start area I was immediately alerted by how differently everyone was dressed. The blinding obvious point that I somehow managed to miss was that they were not different; I was. I had what I wear to all my summertime running races: a pair of Asics Gel Tarther, 2xU Tri Shorts and a sleeveless top. Most others had long socks, trail shoes cammelbacks, long sleeve tops and some had shin or ankle guards. I somehow was still not worried by this – I actually scoffed at them if I am o be absolutely honest… that is until 1500m into the race where we left a perfectly good asphalt road and headed into a random bush. No trail, no path, just wild grassland. I thought “oh, this is interesting” but soon saw a trail on the forrest just ahead. All is well I thought. The problem was that the race did not follow that path. We crossed it and landed into knee deep water/mud/swamp followed by heather, large tree roots and large rocks. 2km into the race I knew that I was in for trouble. We then exited the forrest and started to head up Hammarbybäcken – a ski slope south of Stockholm. The race would go over this hill three times and this is what I thought the challenge of the race would be. This was not a problem at all. There was a path and plenty of room. Piece of cake compared to the deepest forrest. We then descended the hill and went straight into the forrest for seven torturous kilometres of falling/climbing and occasionally something closely approximating running. I simply did not have the technique to run in that terrain. There was rarely a section that was an actual path. Heather, rocks, roods, mud andy water. Nine kilometres into the ‘race’ I felt there was no point in going any further and decided that I would exit the race at the next turnaround (on top of Hammarbybäcken). Strangely enough, just a kilometre shy of the hill the race left the deep forrest and actually used a forrest path. I could run again and was passing people every few seconds… easy. Up the hill was the same. When I came to the turnaround -with 9km remaining- I decided to finish the thing; “I have suffered too much to quit now” I thought.
Down the hill again and into the forrest again. The second loop was a lot easier than the first. I could run quite a lot of the time and there was hardly any mud or water sections. Spirits started to rise and just then I was attacked by a swarm of something – probably deer flies. All I know for sure is that it hurt like hell all over. I was stung in the arm ass legs and blood was drawn.
After that it was just a matter of getting to the finish. My legs started to stiffen up with about 5km to go but nothing so severe that cast any doubt over finishing. Up and over the ski hill again and over the finish line I went.
I am in pretty good running shape at the moment; probably 37:xx 10k shape. I crossed the line of Stockholm trail in 2:01:28. I have a newfound respect for trail runners – now that actually know what they do. I also will not be on the start line of such a race ever again.
Done and dusted.