Morning Swim

Did a quick swim this morning – just nine hours after climbing off the trainer.
15 minutes steady swimming; no idea how far I swam.
1 min rest
1km Best effort – 14:54
Not bad for the time I had.

I will start tomorrow’s race tired, but that doenst’ matter. What I want from the race is proof I can suffer. A very hilly and technical trail halm marathon should test just that even if I was rested, but I’m not after a result and I’m still building fitness so resting is not on the cards.

Back it up…

Yesterday’s turbo set was pretty tough. Today – to recover from it – I did another one. This time it was the old 5×5 set that I have not done in a long time.
Lots of pain and plenty of mind games involved in order to get through it but I did just that.
It looked like this:

Back on the Turbo

Inflicted severe pain on myself tonight.

5 min w/u
7x(2 min Hard, 1 min easy)
3 min easy
3x(2min<2x[30sec SS,30 sec Hard]>, 1 min easy)
2 min easy
5x(1 min Max, 30 sec easy)
2-8 min w/d

Hurt like hell.
Consider calling it a night after every main section.
Did I mention that it hurt like hell?

Recovery time!


Three for Five

Well, the lofty heights of training expectations were not met on this trip to Finland. That at least makes it similar to all my other Finland trips.

We travelled earlier than planned so my travel day session was bagged.

Three for five was the result of this particular Finnish vacation.

Missed one

So, I missed a day in my five day plan. A mixture of apathy laziness and family business were the culprits. To make up for it I did the same interval set today as I did on Friday. Results were interesting:
Time av.HR av. Pace, stride length
5:43, 155, 3:49/km, 141cm
5:41, 162, 3:51/km, 138cm
5:44, 164, 3:54/km, 136cm
5:47, 166, 3:55/km, 134cm
5:42, 167, 3:54/km, 135cm

Average lap pace was 5:43 which was four seconds faster per lap than Fridays attempt.
Just shows that speed is not directly coupled with fitness. If anything I was more tired today than I was on Friday but I managed to run faster. I knew want to expect going into the set today – this alone gave me four seconds.

If only I could pre-race the course I’ll be racing on before Saturday.

Two for two

Run number two of five done. Diverged from the plan only in the fact that I estimated the length of the track incorrectly. Instead of the planned 5 x 1600m it turned out to be 5 x 1500m with 1:30 RI.
Went as follows:
Time av.HR av. Pace, stride length
5:48, 153, 3:55/km, 137cm
5:44, 160, 3:55/km, 136cm
5:50, 161, 4:00/km, 132cm
5:50, 163, 4:00/km, 132cm
5:43, 167, 3:55/km, 134cm

Average lap time of 5:47

Interesting how the stride length decreases with fatigue. I was really trying to lengthen my stride on the fourth lap but, as can be seen from the data, it didn’t happen.

Today’s plan is the 56 minute road run.


Day one of five in Finland.

Started out with a 56 minute run on pretty hilly country roads.
Out and back route
152 av. HR
4:29/km av. pace
92 RPM av. Cadence

I was holding back the entire time since I plan on doing five days running in a row; something I haven’t done in a very long time, if ever.

The plan for the next few days is loosely as follows:
Tomorrow will be 5 x 1600m interval set. The track is in a forrest and is half up hill and half down hill… The two straight sections are quite short. I’ll take 2:00 between the sets.

Next day will be just like today. Easy hour on the road.

The day after that I will try to do 70 minutes @ 4:30. Should be pretty difficult with the fatigue I’ll be carrying by then.

Final day will be whatever I can.

Let’s see how the reality matches the plan.

New Turbo set

Tried a new turbo set tonight.
4 x 10 minutes with the second 10 done as 0:40 very hard, 0:20 easy. The idea behind it was to have the first 10 as a warm up and to get a feel for the pace of the proceeding 10s. The second set was there to add fatigue and make the final two harder. All in all it was pretty hard but I could have gone a little harder.



Had a short week last week. I was finishing a work education program and had little time to train as a result.
Indoor bike, one swim and two runs for the entire week.

I’ll try to bike today and tomorrow and then run a lot in Finland.