I had a chance to train but turned it down. My poor performance on the bike yesterday made resting a good call. Tomorrow will be a double. Bike and either swim or run.


It seems that I have regressed to weekly updates; not a disaster as far as readership is concerned but that was not the purpose of this site. The purpose was to write down feelings and thoughts after training with the hope that externalising my actions would prevent me from being injured. So far it has worked but now I am finding less and less time to write because I am busy at work, the girls are getting bigger and I’m training harder – and a little more too. So more stress and less relief!

This week was a good one.
The key sessions were my ‘long’ bike during which I averaged 35km/h for the four churches loop. It’s not as good as it sounds as I had the help of another rider – I reckon that adds 2-3 km/h to the average. It was still a good session.

I had two good runs this week.
Firstly a 3x 2,1km interval set on 2 mins rest. This was made harder by the fact that I did 56 minutes on the trainer doing a big-gear set. I was tired starting and totally done by the time I got home.
My second good run set was just last night: 8x800m on 4:00 the splits were 2:52, 2:52, 2:50, 2:50, 2:49, 2:58, 2:50, 2:44. Very slow and not-so-easy jog home.

Today I swam 42 minutes and attempted a 5×5:2 trainer set. Didn’t go so well. Low HR and high RPE… I could be getting tired.

Over and out!

It’s been a while…

Haven’t updated in a while so I’ll be less specific than I usually am.
Training has been nit and miss but my form seems to be building into something useable. I’m beginning to feel the seeds of strength on the bike and my running is close to race ready. In the transition from winter to summer training I have however dropped some swim fitness – Nothing too alarming and nothing that can’t be rectified in a week or two.

My key sessions in the last week have been a 3x2km interval set at 3:48/km on 1 min rest. The usual 4 churches bike loop @ 30,8km/h on a windy day and 15×400 on 2:00 all in 1:24 or less.

These key sets have been padded by some indoor biking and a coupe of fairly fast trail runs.

I’m standing at a gateway to fitness – there are three things to do now.
1/ Keep focus
2/ Don’t get injured (running too much is the usual suspect)
3/ Keep the balance between three sports

Maybe it’s also time to call out one of my improvement suggestions from last year: allow yourself to fail.
That means that I should just race.


Had a nice run today. I had assumed the weekend would be a wash-out because we had guests. However they left early today so the chance arose for a run; I took it. I ran the Ursvik 10k loop at a moderately impressive 44:45. Felt good throughout and now have a little more confidence in my running. I am way off track with my plans for the year though…
Not sure what I’ll get done tonight. I’d like to get out on the bike but don’t see it happening.

Three Days

I didn’t get out on the bike on Monday but the chance arose on Tuesday. I reluctantly headed out from work at 4 o’clock and headed for my usual three churches lap. The wind was up, the average speed was down and I didn’t feel all that well. I battled with the wind and my mind for the guts of three hours to arrive home exhausted, tired and somewhat demoralised. 82km @ 28,6km/h.
Wednesday was a little better if not a little rushed. Family time ate into my training time so I ended up driving to the track – something that I don’t want to make a habit of. Once there I did 15×400 on 2:00. Most were in 1:21 with one at 1:19, some at 1:20 and one in 1:22. Happy with the pace considering my legs felt heavy from Monday’s ride.
Last but not least -well, actually it is the least- I did a 36 minute lunchtime swim: 10 minutes steady crawl, 8×33 kick/66 crawl, 10 minutes as 33m Hard / 8 seconds rest.

Now – the question remains; will I get on the bike trainer tonight?

Same again…

…and by that, I mean a catch up post.

My last entry was after a 15×400 track set. Since then I did a little training and a lot of ‘resting’. Went swimming as planned on Thursday and did the planned set: 400 w/u, 50-100-150-300-150-100-50. Did the pyramid two full times and got to 300 on the third set. Backed up and ended the week with the Sollentuna hill interval set. 5 laps sitting except for the last lap. Lap times were 4:25,4:32,4:44,4:47,4:42. Room for improvement from both a speed and consistency point ov view. See next week what we get.
The weekend was the usual family affair with the hope for an opportunity to train. This weekend’s excuse was the fact that we had guests on Saturday.

I started the week with a short lunchtime run: 36:13, 8,11km, 4:27/km, 149 av. HR.
I might get out on the bike for 2 hours tonight… I also might not!

Track Set

Hit the track tonight. Headed out the door at eight o’clock with no real plan other than to be at the track. I didn’t feel a running groove on the way down so I took an easy option and decided to run a set of 400s. After running three pretty conservatively I decided I’d go for fifteen.set was:
15×400 on 2:00
Splits were 1:20, 13×1:24, 1:16
Very happy with my pacing and my fitness; I found the set very easy. Next week I’ll keep the same pace and try 20. Then I’ll try to get the speed up a little. I’d like to be in the 1:18 region this year.

Tomorrow is swimming and perhaps something else if I get the time. Friday will be two bike rides. One fast one during lunch and a longer one after work. Then comes the weekend…

Catch up

I got quite a bit of training done over the past few days.
29th: I got not on the bike for the three churches loop. First time on the road bike this year and it felt like it. My pulse was low but I couldn’t really get any more power into the pedals – this is a symptom of adaptation to the road bike. I’m hooping I’ll get a vast increase in speed over the next week or two.
75km, av speed 29,8km/h, av HR 136
Churches loop in 1:08@ 31,7km/h

30th: Swim 3,8km of steady swimming. I swam in the 2XU tri shorts and suspect and hope that they have a drag effect. My 100s were 3 seconds off my normal speed…

1st: Short spin on the bike with Magnus. 45km at a little under 28km/h. Better than the alternative, which was not going out at all.

This week -and weekend- I’ll throw a bit of quality work down. Also running needs to be bright back into the picture again. Like always, keeping three sports going is proving difficult.