Weekend Zero

As is now becoming the norm, I had a zero training weekend. By Friday I had hit my minimum, so I was not too worried that the expected should happen. The next three weeks will -or should- show an increase in volume and a slight reduction in intensity. The plan is to try to get 6 hours a week, keeping the really hard stuff similar to what it is now. Once I can handle that, I’ll then start to add more intensity into the mix. The result should be a 6 hour week that pushes me to the limit but not over.

I started the week with a moderately hard turbo set: 5 min w/u followed by 6x(6 min hard, 2 min recovery). I think I managed to hold myself back enough not to ruin the week yet go hard enough to get a good 36 minutes of intensity. After frying myself a couple of weeks ago with the 2x(7×2) workout I’m beginning to think a PM may help indoors…


Unplanned run tonight. Unplanned in two ways. Firstly, and least importantly, I didn’t really plan to run. Secondly, and more surprising, I absolutely did not, nor would not plan to do a 3x3km interval set. It was Fredrik’s choice though and that was what we did.
First set was @ 3:55/km
Second was @ 3:51/km
Final one was @ 3:47/km
These are the longest interval sets I have ever done and I’m now sitting in bed with my calf muscles loaded up with tiger balsam… There may be pain tomorrow.