Back at it

The week that began with the 28 minutes of very hard intervals broke me. In knew it at the time yet still continued to train -hard- through it. The result came when I finally rested: Total meltdown! I didn’t feel like training for 12 days and -very uncharacteristicaly- I listend to my body and did not train.

In got back at it on Wednesday with a tough run, a run that wouldn’t have been tough were it not for my 12 days if total idlenes. 30 minutes on the treadmill at varying pace. I won’t describe the details but will say that HR was very high and RPE agreed!
I jumped into the pool not 3 minutes later and swam 30 minutes non-stop. The first 20 minutes were all about swimming smooth, relaxed and as flat as possible. The last 10 minutes was done as 20x(1 lap (16m) Hard, 1 lap Easy). I felt great afterwards.

Thursday I was feeling stiff – very hard to believe how much regression can be caused by just 12 days abscence from a great 6 month build. Nonetheless I did a 20 minute run on the treadmill followed by 20 mod-hard monites on the spinning bike. The run was faster but not as hard as Wednesday. The bike was difficult for the last 5 minutes.
Swimming with the club finished off this -back on track- mini-block. Strange set:
100 max, 50 recover start on 2:00
Initially I thought the rest after the 50s was far too much but as the sets stacked up it became more and more difficult to hold the 100s to my initial pace of 1:20/100.
In the end we did 11 and I held 1:20 or better for all except the last three; they were all 1:21.

Today is about rest.