Safer from Ninja attacks…

…didn’t train in the traditional sense of the word today but did some Mr Miagi style Karate training that should protect me from the Sundbyberg Ninjas. Some may say that Sundbyberg doesn’t have a Ninja problem, but I would argue that this means that they are even more of a problem… they are so well trained that you never see them.

Anyway, rambling aside, I painted the fence – 6 hours of work.

One of Two

First training session of the day complete – and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. We were supposed to do a fast 60 minute loop on te bike and headed out at 11:00 to do just that. One wrong turn, a close call with my face meeting the road and 1:28 later we arrived home totaly depleted of energy. Last tiem either of us had any food was 07:30 and the pace showed the effect of this.
Data for the ride was : 41km in 1:28 @ 27,6km/h
Swim set for tonight looks tough. 10min w/u then 50-100-150-200 etc… for 48 minutes.


Skipped it. Decided to sleep instead… Should be doing so in 4 minutes!

30 Minutes

I don’t usually consider registering a training set unless it is at least 40 minutes long. This rule is applied with one or two exceptions. The first one is my semi-regular Kista 30 minute swim loop. It is only 30 minutes and I count it because I believe it counts!
The format is as follows:
10 minutes – Stead swimming. Focus on and experiment with technique.
12 minutes – 6 x (33m Kick, 66m Easy Controlled Crawl)
8 minutes – Steady->Mod-Hard Crawl.
All non-stop.
I have no actual data to say that this set works, however I feel like I have done something great after it; for the moment, that’s enough for me.


Feeling quite stiff today. I’ll skip everything except swimming tonight.
Here is the plan:
Repeat 100s as follows…
#1: Acceleration
#2: Threshold, with one loop per length
#3: Threshold, with one touchdown per length
#4: Just Threshold
21:10-21:25 med 30 rest
21:25-21:40 med 20 rest
21:40-21:55 med 10 rest
Should be ok!


Swim done. Bloody difficult. Tired.

Weekend Zero

As is now becoming the norm, I had a zero training weekend. By Friday I had hit my minimum, so I was not too worried that the expected should happen. The next three weeks will -or should- show an increase in volume and a slight reduction in intensity. The plan is to try to get 6 hours a week, keeping the really hard stuff similar to what it is now. Once I can handle that, I’ll then start to add more intensity into the mix. The result should be a 6 hour week that pushes me to the limit but not over.

I started the week with a moderately hard turbo set: 5 min w/u followed by 6x(6 min hard, 2 min recovery). I think I managed to hold myself back enough not to ruin the week yet go hard enough to get a good 36 minutes of intensity. After frying myself a couple of weeks ago with the 2x(7×2) workout I’m beginning to think a PM may help indoors…


Unplanned run tonight. Unplanned in two ways. Firstly, and least importantly, I didn’t really plan to run. Secondly, and more surprising, I absolutely did not, nor would not plan to do a 3x3km interval set. It was Fredrik’s choice though and that was what we did.
First set was @ 3:55/km
Second was @ 3:51/km
Final one was @ 3:47/km
These are the longest interval sets I have ever done and I’m now sitting in bed with my calf muscles loaded up with tiger balsam… There may be pain tomorrow.


It’s Friday and I’ve just completed an easy 40 minute gym session. 20 minutes on the Concept2 followed by 20 minutes easy running… well, until the last 4 minutes for which I ran at 18km/h. The good news is that I’ve hit my weekly minimum and feel fresh; so whatever caused my two weeks of tiredness seems to have passed. The not-so-good-news is that I don’t see how I will fit more training in during the weekend… Let’s see what I can come up with.

Rested and Ready

I decided to rest yesterday after having a double day on Tuesday. Today, feeling rested, I will go to the gym and do an indoor duathlon:
20 minutes Treadmill
20 minutes Spinning Bike
10 minutes Treadmill
That should give me an idea of how I’m set for SCT Duathlon.


Done. Not too difficult, not too easy.
First run was at 15,1km/h with an average HR of 148; leisurely enough.
Bike was a similarly calm 147 average HR.
I challenged myself on the second run by starting out at 15,1km/h and increasing speed by 0,1km/h every minute bar the last two, where I at 17km/h. HR averaged 165 and topped out at 174.


Nice and challenging swim set today. The planned set was:
5 min w/u
15 mins 100s start on 2:00
15 mins 100s start on 1:50
15 mins 100s start on 1:40
We started a little late so the actual set was:
200m w/u
6×100 on 2:00
8×100 on 1:50
9×100 on 1:40
200m w/d

All but two 100s were done in 1:30 or less. Said two were done in 1:31 and this was because of loss in focus during the 100s – daydreaming if you will. It took a lot longer to come back than I hoped but I’m really pleased with my swimming and excited about what I can do with it this year. Roll on the summer!

As a little extra info – see below for my build for the season. Specific prep begins now.

Two Hour day

Haven’t done many of these so far this season; yesterday I did a fairly challenging 2:02 of training.
First up was 58 minutes on the Turbo. It had been over two weeks since I sat on the thing so HR and RPE was pretty high relative to speed. I both hope and think that this is only temporary – I have the most solid pre-season base of my life and expect to be back to speed next week. Now is the time for regular road cycling too. Time to test out my legs in the real world… hopefuly it will transfer into real world speed.

After the children were in bed I thought of bagging my planned run; a phonecall from a friend fixed that. He too was low on motivation and was using me to get out the door. Turns out that the phonecall was beneficial to both. We did a bit of easy running, then 6×400 on 2:00 at the track and then a bit more easy running home. 12,1km in 1:02 @ 141 av. HR. The 400 splits were: 1:21, 1:22, 1:23, 1:22, 1:22, 1:20 – I was feeling great on the track – I’ll try 800s next time I’m at the track.

Back at it

The week that began with the 28 minutes of very hard intervals broke me. In knew it at the time yet still continued to train -hard- through it. The result came when I finally rested: Total meltdown! I didn’t feel like training for 12 days and -very uncharacteristicaly- I listend to my body and did not train.

In got back at it on Wednesday with a tough run, a run that wouldn’t have been tough were it not for my 12 days if total idlenes. 30 minutes on the treadmill at varying pace. I won’t describe the details but will say that HR was very high and RPE agreed!
I jumped into the pool not 3 minutes later and swam 30 minutes non-stop. The first 20 minutes were all about swimming smooth, relaxed and as flat as possible. The last 10 minutes was done as 20x(1 lap (16m) Hard, 1 lap Easy). I felt great afterwards.

Thursday I was feeling stiff – very hard to believe how much regression can be caused by just 12 days abscence from a great 6 month build. Nonetheless I did a 20 minute run on the treadmill followed by 20 mod-hard monites on the spinning bike. The run was faster but not as hard as Wednesday. The bike was difficult for the last 5 minutes.
Swimming with the club finished off this -back on track- mini-block. Strange set:
100 max, 50 recover start on 2:00
Initially I thought the rest after the 50s was far too much but as the sets stacked up it became more and more difficult to hold the 100s to my initial pace of 1:20/100.
In the end we did 11 and I held 1:20 or better for all except the last three; they were all 1:21.

Today is about rest.