Run, Run

First of two runs done for the day.
To work via the back section of the Ursvik 10k trail at a nice pace: 9km, 4:41/km, av. HR 148.

I’ll take a shorter route home but go very hard for the last 3km; that will be the end of my week then!

Up, Up, Up…

Second of what may become the weekly hill interval session. Today I decided to tackle them seated – mainly because I think that is more specific to the fitness requirements I have just now. I don’t see myself standing very much -if at all- during the Swedish Triathlon Championships this summer.

Today we did the hill five times; all in a pretty similar time. I went all-out on the last rep and still only managed to get the same time as the second last rep. Could this mean that five was the correct amount or reps to do? I think so anyway!

Swimming is on the agenda for tonight and it looks like a pretty difficult one:
3×400 1-3 (max on the last one)
2×200 1-3 (max on the last one)
That should bring me back to the edge that I was sitting on yesterday!

Went swimming and felt pretty good in the water.
My splits for the 400s and 200s were: 6:16, 6:08, 5:56 & 3:12, 3:04, 2:56

Feeling good about swimming lately – I should really do a 1500m test set to benchmark my fitness.


Swam tonight:

w/u 300

then we completed the loop 4 times:

Atletisk Loop (500m)
150 acc (easy -> hard)
3×50 progressive 1-3
3×50 (7 breaths on the first, 5 on the second 3 on the third is the goal)
25 Max! 25 easy

200 w/d


I’m still tired from yesterday’s double day. I guess that I’m not ready for 28 minutes of high intensity, or could it be that I just stretched myself closer to my limit than I usually do; I’ll do the same next week and see if I manage it better. I’ve probably fallen into a routine that needs to be questioned…


Well rested from a training free weekend I decided to unleash a doble-bill of punishmetn on myself.
I started with a new turbo set that I had been thinking about for a few weeks:
5 min w/u
7x[2 min Very Hard, 1 min Recovery]
3 min recover
7x[2 min Very Hard, 1 min Recovery]

To say it is difficult is an understatement. It is however great to get 28 minutes at such a high intnesity. I’m quite motivated after my first day on the road last week – I got a measure of my fitness and it seems that the turbo training has transfered into real-life speed. I’ll try to keep it going for a few more months.

I ended the day with something that could loosely be described as a run. A slow slogg that had few moments of good feelings. 254 Polar Training Load points for the day… that’ll do.

Time to recover a little before I do any hard training again. Swim tomorrow, easy run the next day and bike hill intervals on Thursday…

First Morning run of 2012

Ran to work this morning – my first time doing so this year. Beautiful morning, quite good run with a sei-respectable pace.
39:05, 8,47km, 152 av. HR and 4:37/km
I would have expected a little higher pace for that HR but it being the first time runnig hills I’ll take it as it is.

My 30 minute swim loop followed by a run home ended my week; no time to train this weekend!
The swim loop is:
10 min just swim
10 min 33m Kick/66m Crawl
10 min fartlek swim

The run home was 5km @ 4:37/km


After Monday’s run I laid low and just swam on Tuesday. After a 400m w/u the main loop was also 400m long; the details are not too interesting but the fact that I’m swimming well again and feeling good for the entire hour is good. It’s time to do a solo session in the pool and test how long I can maintain 1:35/100m – the hope would be that it is somewhere in the 4km region… that’s for another day.

Wednesday was a conundrum regarding training. I had no time to cycle, there was no swimming and I didn’t want to run since my knees have been a little dodgy since last week’s 21km run. Given those facts, the choice was obvious and sensible: a bit zero for Wednesday.

Today I had my premier outdoor cycle of the year. Out to the water tower hill in Sollentuna for four difficult ascents. Time from bottom to top for the laps were: 4:20, 4:45(wrong turn), 4:29, 4:23. Next time out I’ll do five laps. I’ll swim tonight if I get the chance. I want to do a 6+ hour week this week if possible; I’m not too sure how I can make that happen.

Catch Up

Catching up again; my three days away on a course had quite a knock on effect for my training. I managed a short hill interval session on Thursday and have not trained once until tonight.

Tonight’s run was a mixed bag. 25 minutes of Fartlek followed by 5x400m on 2:00 on the track and a 12 minute jog home. 52 pretty productive minutes. The 400s were all done in 1:25 except for the last one which was done in 1:14. I’d like to be doing 10×400 with splits of 1:20 within the next few weeks… That’s 3:20/km vs 3:32/km – quite a difference.

Since last week was a bit of a wash out, I plan to do a big week this week; I’m not sure how I’ll manage, but that’s the plan anyway.

Two Days

After one days rest I decided to get back at it on Tuesday. I didn’t run because there was still some residual pain in my knees so I decided to do a very hard turbo set, namely my Crit Set:
5 min w/u
7 x [ 2 min very hard, 1 min easy ]
3 min recovery
3 x [ 2x(30 seconds steady, 30 seconds max), 1 min easy ]
3 min recovery
5 x [ 1 min max, 30 seconds easy ]
5 min w/d

Pure murder!

I then went swimming and there was a tough but short main set… 10×50 on 0:50.


On a course today and managed a short run between the course ending and dinner.
9,9km, 43:33, 4:25/km, 149 av. HR
Somewhat undulating course so the numbers are slightly better than they appear. Happy!

Sore Today

I’m hurting today. Both knees ache somewhat with the left one the worse of the two. My left hip is also tender. I will not run again until I am completely recovered from this. I’m not sure how to handle cycling – could it aggravate the problem?