5 x 5 …

Ouch! ’twas a tough MF of a set. I very nearly bailed 1:30 into the first set. Pain and perceived effort were off the charts and HR was sitting at a measly 152. Knowing that the first is always the worst, I persevered and low and behold, it got somewhat less difficult as the session progressed. It’s now nearly two hours after the set and I feel almost 100% again. It’s probably time to make these sets more difficult. A 20 minute all-out TT lies on the not so distant horizon.

I’ll probably call it a day for today and try to get a double day tomorrow. I make that plan knowing that every time I plan a double I fail to execute it.

Swim again…

I swam again tonight – second swim in a row and I felt great in the water… For the second day in a row. This is the  beginning of my return to the form I have not had since 2006. The speed is not quite there yet but my feel for the water is good, I have different ‘gears’ and I’m not so fatigued after an hour of swimming. That last point is part of the reason why I’m not getting my speed back – I need to start to add longer and faster intervals into my training. I’ll try to begin this week…
Tonight’s set was nice:
200 w/u
42 minutes as 50/50 easy/hard
200 w/d

The hard 50s got hard after about 28 minutes. I plan to try to get on the bike tomorrow but -as ever- I am extremely pressed for time.


I was quite pressed for time today so just managed a swim. It was however a good swim; 40 minutes non-stop with a mix of steady swimming, deMont, kick sets and short hard efforts.
At the time I felt it was easy and felt great directly afterwards. Later in the evening -and now- I started to feel tired. It could have been from Sunday’s run – also a run which felt easy at the time… Perhaps my 5,5 hours last week took a little more out of me than I hoped or thought.

Friday – Sunday

Friday I was feeling pretty tired and had planned a swim. I did not have the keys to my locker so had to train based on the equipment I had at hand, which was my indoor running gear.
I hit the treadmill and ran at 3:58/km for 36:30 and then ramped up to 3:20 for the last 2 minutes. I was tired afterwards!

I rested on Saturday and went out for run today in my ASICS Tarthers… first time running withoug the Icebugs this year. It was nice to have normal shoes on and I celebrated by going to the track and doing a not so intense set:
5×1 mile start 7:30. These didn’t seem so easy – I feel as though I was in a no-man’s land training zone. Going harder would probably have made it seem easire. Still – what’s done is done; I won’t be so conservative next time I hit the track.


I’m still learning. Today I demonstrated how slow the learning process can be! Usually my week consists of two indoor trainer rides – the two toughest days of my week. After failing the second session for the past three weeks, I finally learned that I’m probably not able for the second one.

Today I did a second turbo set but backed the intensity way off.
Short w/u
40 minutes as 8 x [3 min BG @ 61 rpm, 2 min @ 101 rpm] – holding ~ HR 150
Short w/d

Not intense, but the first time in years that I have done 40 non stop minutes on the trainer.

I’ll add it to my list of sessions… It was nice.

Tuesday Wednesday

After Monday’s difficult Turbo session I decided to take it relatively easy on Tuesday. Just swimming with the club. The set was a good one and I went pretty hard.
3 x (100 catch-up, 4×50 breathing control, 300 negative split) The 300s were done in 4:38, 4:35. 4:34

Today I went to the gym and decided I had to at least repeat the run set I did last week which was this:
Run – Treadmill
5 min @ 14,4km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 2 min @ 11,1km/h
3 min @ Build from 17,5->18km/h, 1 min hold 18km/h
2 min 6,8kmh w/d

I did it but found it way more difficult than last week.
Then 10 minues rowing. First 8 minutes easy. Last 2 minutes very hard.

That’s me done for the day. I plan to do a 6 hour week so I need to recover for tomorrow’s double day.

Slow Plod

There were a couple of forced rest days after my last entry followed by a slow plod through slush and snow. I never felt good but at least I didn’t quit and managed a fairly solid if not lethargic 59 minutes of running. I even threw in 5 hill sets in Ursviks Slott – each was 1:20 of climbing.

This morning I did a 30 minute swim; nothing too taxing – I was mainly trying to make some progress in ‘fly. What I discovered was that they kick that takes place when the arms enter the water is the one that sets the whole stroke up. Get it wrong and you’re done for. I need to start reading up on this…


The day was rou nded off with a difficult and honest Turbo session.
5 min w/u
5 x [5 min 160+ / 2 min easy]
5 x [1 min 170+ / 0:30 easy]
5 min w/d

Hard as hell!

Run like F@€k

Went to the gym today and decided to punish myself a little more than normal. Instead of the usual 16,8km/h intervals I upped the pace to 17km/h. While it is only a 1,2% increase in pace it certainly felt a lot harder. The final 4 minutes was done a little faster too; start at 17,5km/h and build to 18km/h for the last minute. Hard as hell!
I then hopped onto a spinning bike and did 12 minutes fairly intensively.

I still feel tired and have a swim session planned for tonight too… Let’s see how that goes!

In numbers, today looked as follows:
Run – Treadmill
5 min @ 14,4km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 1 min @ 11,1km/h
4 min @ 17km/h / 2 min @ 11,1km/h
3 min @ Build from 17,5->18km/h, 1 min hold 18km/h
2 min 6,8kmh w/d

3 min build to 150 bpm
9 mins as (50 seconds 158bpm/93 rpm / 10 seconds @ 112 rpm)


Swimming set done. Very tough set because I can’t swim butterfly of backstroke properly. Set was:
200 w/u
Three of the series below
3×100 1-3
100 IM
4×50 1-4
100 IM
Then 100m w/d

For the first IM I felt I could actually swim ‘fly properly. It was a progressive downhill slope from there on. I should do some ‘fly technique exercises in Kista pool. “Must try harder” is what a school report card would say about the current state of things…


Mid February is pretty late for my year’s debut on the skis, but that’s what it was tonight. I have been putting this off for over a week now and almost wish that I had put it off for longer. I did 12km at a snail-like 5:24/km. I believe the slothenly pace was partly due to incorrect wax choice and technique and my lack of skiing technique. After arriving home I considered going for a run because I found the 63 minutes none too taxing. I decided to take a sauna instead.