Back it off.

I had planned a double day today but saw sense on the way to work today.
Last week I hit 8:03 – that is more than double my average training week for the past year!
Admittadely, there was quite a bit of Zone 2 volume in there but my Z3 and Z4 time was also above average. Sense has prevailed and I will just swim tonight… nothing more. If that means that my week is a little shorter than average so be it… time to be clever.


I resisted all urges to train during the day today and just did the sim set tonight. Same set as last week and still feeling pretty good in the water. Tomorrow I’ll attempt to get a good run and a hard Turbo session done because I’ll most likely get nothing done Thursday of Friday.

100 Days

100 days remaining before specific preparation for Stockholm triathlon begins. Today I did a short but pretty intense session at the gym.
30 minutes on the treadmill as follows:
5 min w/u
4 x [ 4:00 @ 3:34/km, 1 min @ 5:25/km ]
5 min @ 3:34/km
2 min cool down

Then directly over to the concept2 for 10 minutes of steady rowing.

Straight into the pool for 17 minutes of varied swimming. Kick, deMont and fast crawl.

Big Week

Just finished off my biggest week since my first daughter was born. Only a little over eith hours but compared to my 3:40/week average that’s pretty big. The icing on the week was a three hour spinning class folowed by 5 quick kilometers on the treadmill. I don’t feel that tired but I’m sure it’s in the post.

Rest tomorrow and then a swim on Monday.


I was pretty tired today and skipped a planned lunch time swim; I didn’t feel up to it at all. When three o’clock came round I decided I’d reconsider and give it a go. I felt great in the pool and did kick sets followed by 100m free non stop for about 15 minutes. 36 minutes in the pool in total left me feeling better than I did before I got in.
Must remember that in the future.

I’m still sitting on the waiting list for tomorrow’s 3 hour spinning with the club… I need two more people to drop out for me to get a place.

Rested and…

…ready to go.

It’ll be another double day today. The plan was to cycle in the afternoon and swim in the evening but factors outside of my control have made the cycle impossible – or at least very difficult. Instead I’ll go the gym and run – maybe even row if I feel like making my evening swim harder than it would otherwise be.


Did a treadmill run over lunch. Same format as last week but a little faster (if the treadmill speed can be trusted).
Five minutes warmup @ 4:15/km followed by 40 minutes @ 3:56/km. HR climbed to 164 by the end of the set; exactly the same as last week. I’m begining to suspect that heat is the main cause and not the effort.

Last week, after doing the run/swim double I was unable to do my trainer set the following day… lets see how I feel tomorrow. Plan is to run 11km in the snow and then do a trainer set on Saturday morning.


Tonight’s swim set is posted:

w/u 400m

Loop (900m)

100 deMont
4×50 (15 hard-35 easy, 25 hard/25 easy, 25 easy/25 hard,15 easy/35 hard)
100 Triss (1roll, 1loop, 1TD every 50)
4×50 (15-25 Polo swim)
100 Breathing Control
4×50 Broken-up-Medley (50 of each stroke)

Repeat loop from 21:10-21:52

Looks fun!


Went swimming.
Did above set.
I’m not able to do 50 ‘fly .
Must practise more.
Arms hurt after the Polo sets.


Hit the trainer today and did a new, and not so intensive set:
5 min w/u
10 min HIM effort
2 min Easy
5 min Olympic Effort
2 min Easy
10 min HIM effort
2 min Easy
5 x [0:40 Max,00:20 Easy]
2 min Easy
10 min HIM effort
2 min Easy

The thing I tried to do was keep all the HIM sets the same speed – I could then measure the decoupling in HR across the three sets and see how the intensity effects me.


I nearly didn’t go swimming; when the time came I hesitated and almost cancelled. Glad I went in the end. We did two of the sets shown below plus a warmup and 300m cool down at the end.

This was the first time in this comeback that I feel some speed and swim fitness is back. There is a long way to go and many metres to swim, but I’m getting there.

200 negative (3:03)
2×100 1-2 (1:31,1:29)
150 negative (2:18)
3×100 1-3 (1:30,1:30,1:29)
100 negative (1:31)
3×50 1-3 (45-43)

Nice day – probably nothing tomorrow; bust day at work planned.


Did a nice snappy 40 minutes at the gym today.

Started with 30 minutes on the tradmill as follows:
5 min w/u
4x(4 min @ 3:40/km, 1 min at 5:25/km)
5 min – 1:30 @ 16,4km/h 1:30 @ 17km/h, 2 min @ 17,4km/h

Then I did 10 minutes of easy, controlled rowing – 2:01/500m pace.

Did it!

No major achievement whatsoever but after Friday’s failure and yesterday’s zero day it was good to both get time to train and actually manage the session.

I did the 5×5 zone 4 set
5 min w/u
5x(5 min 160-165, 2 min easy)
5 min w/d

As I have previously written, I want to build this set into a mega set… Next chance I get I’ll add 5×1:00/0:30 if I feel up to it.

Happy with today – run and swim tomorrow.

Turbo Fail

Total failure today on the turbo trainer. I’m obviously not able for two intense sessions in one day because today’s session showed all the hallmarks of tiredness.
Low HR
Low Motivation
High RPE
After 3 minutes I knew it wasn’t going to happen so I thought I could bash out a Tabata set; I did this but can’t honestly say I did it justice. Bagged the set at 21 minutes.


Planning a double day today. I shall go the the gym shortly and do 45 minutes on the treadmill. Varying speeds and slopes should keep me occupied – I’ve never gone that long before.

Then swimming is on the aganda later in the evening. The plan for the club session is:

W/u 200-400
Main Loop (750m)
200 catch-up with heavy kick
3×100 progressive 1-3, rest :30
50 easy
4×50 fast

That should leave me nice and tired.


Mission accomplished today. I am just back from the above-mentioned swim set and have a run in the bag from earlier in the day. The run was 5 minutes w/w @ 4:14/km followed by 40 minutes @ 3:58/km. Treadmill set to a sloe of 1.0 throughout.