Run and …

I’m just back from a run – the usual 11,6km run that takes in the 10km Ursvik trail. Today I was feeling the effects o yesterday’s bike set which probably means two things: 1/ I executed it pretty well. 2/ It stresses me so I should get some benefit out of it.

I usually do the 10km trail in under 45 minutes but my legs felt heavy throughout the run; as a result I did it in 45:05 which I’m not delighted about… still it’s only December – 155 days to specific prep for Stockholm Triathlon.

See if I can get a swim in tonight and then take an easy day or two after that.


Swim done.

300 w/u
3×200 progressive
4×100 prog.
6×50 prog.
5x[3×50] prog.

Felt really smooth at times though my stroke did begin to fall apart at the end.