Easy does it

Trying to shake a  cough for the past 5 days. It has gotten a little better and today it started to get worse again. I thought some gentle exercise might do the trick so I went to the gym, jumped on a spinning bike and did the following set:

Wu) 6:00
3 X 30″ max effort on 30″ rest
5:00 best effort with cadence 90 revs
1:00 easy high cadence
5:00 best effort again
1:00 rest
5:00 best effort
1:00 rest
3 X 1:00 wall-sits on 30″ rest
1:00 spin easy
5 X 1:00 maximum effort on 30″ rest
Cd) 3:00

Felt nauseous afterwards and the cough is double the frequency and intensity now.

Clever man.