Third Turbo this Week

Did my third Turbo session of the week today. I did the HIM + Tempo set with a twist because I was short on time. I only did one 4 min Tempo effort in the middle but for the last HIM set I went up a gear for the first 15 seconds of every minute except for the last two minutes where I stayed in the higher gear and held the pace. I also left out the 5xmax effort at the end. Time was not on my side and I made the most of what I had. Now it’s party time and tomorrow is my annual run followed by a swim in freezing cold water here.

Rest time?

I’ll most likely rest today. After over two weeks without training I did 4 consecutive days. My calves, especially my right one, are still stiff from the running and I have my traditional new year’s day run in two days time. If I do anything it will be some kettlebell work and home strength work… Let’s see.

Second Run

Did a second run today despite having slight pain and stiffness in my quads and significant pain and stiffness in my calves. The exact same route as yesterday felt a little easier; the data painted a different picture though:

Over one minute slower with a higher average Heart rate… suppose it means I’m human.  There may be an opportunity to swim tonight, see if I take it.

First run in 16 days

I finally got out for a post influenza run today. That it was on the back of two hard turbo training sessions over the previous days did not make it any easier.

It was the usual Ursvik 10km trail with the usual 700m to and from the start line.
The 10km was completed in 45:42 – by far the slowest time of the year but considering all the facts it was Not too disappointing. What further shows my lack of fitness is the falloff in pace throughout the run. The first 5km was at a quite easy 4:32/km and the proceeding 5km trailed off to 4:50/km.

I should bounce back quite quickly.

Two in a Row

I took two days off after my ‘return from sickness’ Turbo session and then did two days in a row. Yesterday was the russian pyramid set – a set I have not done before. It was not pleasant at all. Completely non specific to my triathlon needs which unfortunately means it will be done some more since I’m not in my specific prep phase!

Today I did Lucho’s Turbo set – something I call Turbo x. I thought I hit it pretty well considering I’ve lost quite a bit of cycling fitness during my sickness and recuperation. There is a possibility of swimming tonight but I’m just too wiped out to consider it; I think I’ll target a run tomorrow instead.

10 Days

I decided to leave it ten days to recover from my ‘flu; with over 130 days before specific prep begins I decided that a cautious approach was the only course to take. Still in a cautious state of mind, I climbed aboard my trustee trainer and did a not too difficult set – not easy, but not like the killer sets I’ve been doing this winter.

10 min w/u – build HR to 145
3 x (30 seconds max 30 seconds easy)
10 min HIM effort (162 HR)
2 min Easy
4 min Hard (172 HR)
2 min Easy
10 min HIM effort (162 HR)
2 min Easy
5 x (40 seconds Max, 20 seconds Easy)
2 min w/d

It’s a good set and can be used to measure decoupling if I get a Power meter next year. One could measure power/HR on the first and last 10 min – ideally there should not be too much. I will also do 3×4 min hard efforts next time, bringing the set to over an hour.


Double run today.

First an icy pre-dawn 9,2km run to work. Slowest run of the year but we can attribute that to the ice.

I then -not 4 hours later did a short and cheerful 4,1km run home @ 4:29/km.

13,3km for the day.

E-M-H-R Set

Did a new Turbo session today; something I’ll call the E-M-H-T set. Easy-Moderate-Hard-Recovery. I do a pyramid set with each segment decided in 4. Each segment is done with the following HRs: E-140, M-152+, H-162+, R-130

I did a 10 min w/u and a 1-6-1 pyramid. Total time 48 minutes. It usually takes me at least two attempts to get a Turbo session done honestly and this was no exception; I deffinitely did not hit it hard enough.