Big Gear

Just off the bike. Really couldn’t get going at all. The slightest effort caused pain and ultimately resistance on my part. In the end, after a 10 minute warmup during which I constantly fought with the notion of cancelling the session, I did the following:
10 minutes @ 55 RPM, 10 minutes @ 96 RPM, 10 minutes @ 55 RPM
1 minute spinning
3x(1:00 wall squat, 0:30 rest)
1 min spinning
5x(1:00 HARD, 0:30 Easy)
2 min w/d

55 completely unmotivated minutes at a paltry average HR of 137. Better than nothing but not great at all.

Out in the Bike

Went for a cycle outside this morning; that was my first time outside on the bike since Roslagshösten. Also, without checking my records, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve been on the bike this late in November. Pace was pretty easy and the ride was easy and enjoyable despite the pissing rain. Nevertheless I feel tired and nearly fainted as I jumped out of the couch to get a drink of water.

It would be good to get out again next Sunday … Let’s see if the opportunity arises.


Did a late run tonight and felt strange in my mind and body. I can’t yet explain it but it seems as though I’m in pretty good shape yet I don’t feel fast… I need to think about it because that last sentence didn’t explain it at all!

The run last night was an easy 5km followed by 6×1 minute hill intervals with 1:40 recovery to jog/walk down the hill. At times the run was hard and the intervals were definitely hard yet upon arriving home I felt fine; almost as if I had not trained – I’m not sure what’s going on.

Ready to …

… do something; not sure what though. I was home with my two sick daughters yesterday and slept pretty poorly last night. I am ready to train though.

I have my indoor training stuff and my swimming gear. Perhaps I could try to get 90 minutes in the gym as follows: 30 minmutes C2, 30 minutes Run, 30 minutes swim.

Today’s plan made. Tomorrow I’ll hit the bike trainer hard.


Plan Fail!

Reason: I go way too hard when training indoors – it’s just too boring to go easy.

I first did an easy 1km warm up on the Concpet 2 and then jumped on the treadmill for an easy 30 minutes run. Within 20 seconds I had the pace up to 15,1km/h. Why 15,1? Because it is faster than 15! I jogged along at this pace until I hit teh 20 minute mark and tehn decided to step it up a little. I did 15,5km/h for 2:30 and then 16km/h to take me tothe 25 minute mark. I then did 2 minutes at 16,5km/h and my final 3 minutes at 17,2. Heart rate peaked at 179 and teh average was 161. After this I was not fit for a 30 minute row, instead I did a very easy 15 minutes in the pool that ended with 4x(4×16) IM.

I’m now showered and fed and feel like more punishment. Maybe I’ll do a run tonight.


Nice run

Did a longer than planned run during lunch today; I decided to take an alternate route on a run that I’m not so familiar with, as a result, my internal navigation system failed me.

It was 14.1km, 149 av. HR, 4:35/km

Now that I’m typing this down I’m finding myself wonder why I’m still running so short; this ‘habbit’ arose because I was doing crash training for a 10km race. That race is long over and thereis no reason why I am not runnign longer. So, Note to self: Run Longer!

I’ll try to do a 70-90 minute run once a week from now on.


Swimming tonight.

Warmup (400m)
200-400 fritt

Loop (900m)
100  one arm
4×50 (15hårt-35 löst, 25hårt/25löst, 25 löst/25hårt, 15 löst/35hårt)
100 Triss (1roll, 1loop, 1TD på varje 50:a)
4×50 (15-25 Polosim med hög intensitet och eventuellt knutna nävar. Resten lugnt frisim)
100 Andningskontroll (bestäm innan hur många andningar du ska ha per längd. Försök ta bort en nästa varv)
4×50 Medley (12,5 fjäril, 12,5 rygg, 12,5 bröst, 12,5 frisim)


Did this set 2 and a half times; I found it quite tough – probably because it was the first time I have done it.

Make a Plan

I had a zero weekend and am now on the way to the gym. The last two times (my first two times this year) I went I had no plan and as a resut had a poor training session. Today I will make a plan.

Now: what do I do?

I want to get moving again after the weekend.

I want to train for about an hour.

I want a mixture of intensity.

So, how about: 25 minutes run/ 5km on the C2 and a 20 minute swim?

On my way.


Equipment  fail!

I did make it to the gym and executed two out of three of my planned workouts. I had no swimming gear so decided not to swim in the buff.

The rowing was remarkably controled – until the last kilometre. I just held 19:59 pace the whole way through and switched to 10 hard/5 easy pulls for the last km; this brought total time down a little to 19:50,9.

The run was not controlled at all: 6km – starting at 15km/h and increasing to 18,2 km/h by the end. Nice!


Turbo XX

Did the ‘Turbo Hell’ set again today:

Wu) 10:00
3 X 30″ max effort on 30″ rest
5:00 best effort with cadence 90 revs
1:00 easy high cadence
5:00 best effort again
1:00 rest
5:00 best effort
1:00 rest
3 X 1:00 wall-sits (minus the wall) on 30″ rest
1:00 spin easy
5 X 1:00 maximum effort on 30″ rest
Cd) 5:00

Pretty good execution but I still feel that I have to ‘learn’ to give more. The mind games during the five minute sets are tough. Power may help somewhat since it’s difficult to quantify the session based on HR and RPE alone. Yesterday for example was a busy stressful day, so I’d imagine it would have an affect on both HR and RPV – I just don’t know how.

I am thinking of what I will wear during my A-Race next year: in 274 days.

I got a great deal on this and will give it a try.

Year in Review – Part I

Questionare that helps assess the previous season:


How often was I sick/injured? What time of year did this happen?


When did my motivation peak?

June and September

When did my athletic performance peak?

September & October. I never used my June/July fitness… I hadn’t raced in a long time and had not the confidence in my fitness.

Did I manage to get my best athletic performance into my races?

I got my best athletic performance from the fitness I carried into the race. I was too selective with races however; Next year I should race more and give myself a chane to fail.

When is the weather best for training in my area?

June – August for Cycling

April – October for Running
What terrain do I have available in my area?

Cycling: Everything but big hills
Running: Pretty much everything

What types of racing suit my personal profile?

Marathon/Half marathon
Half Ironman/Olympic
Long-distance swim

Do I deeply enjoy the training required to perform at my chosen races?

Yes I do.

Slowing down?

I’ve just completed my slowest run of the year, maybe slowest in years. I don’t understand it at all. I only managed 5:00/km for the section from km 2 to km 10 on the XTreme course – yes it’s the hilliest and hardest part of the course but 5:00/km?! What’s going on here? As far as all other metrics go, I’m in pretty good shape, this has cast an enormous shadow over that perception. It’s time to hit the hills and get some strength into my running… I’m in a state of panic at the moment; I’ll have to reflect a little before I make any more comments.


Swimming was on the agenda after today’s long plodd. I was a little aprehensive on my way because of my run performance today; maybe the swimming was going to be similar. It turns out that all was well. Main set was 12×200 with various focus and speed. I was feeling absolutely great until the last three – that’s where my lack of deep swimming fitness showed.

Indoors again

I’m back to work now so it’s time to start my gym-rat season. I began feebly with nineteen minutes and thirty one seconds of training. I Wandered aimlessly around the gym due to lack of a plan and my old friend, the Concept 2- called me. I set the baby to 5km and pulled pretty hard. 19:31 later I was done in two ways: for the 5km and for the day. There is a long way to go if I want to do something great on that machine this year…

My average power was 218W – maybe next time I’ll just try to hold 218 from start to finish instead of upping the intensity wih 2km to go.

Alternatively, I could do some easier stuff for a few weeks, say 200-210W and then add some harder stuff after that. Also, I should remember what the purpose of the rowing is: to build the engine over the winter; an engine that hopefuly will adapt to cycling… 217 ays left.