Short and Fast

I was home with the kids all weekend so no opportunity to train raised it’s head until 21:o0 tonight.

I went out the door without a real plan – ‘just run for a while’ was what I had in my head. I ended up doing just 36 minutes but at a reasonably good average pace: 4:08/km at 155 av. HR (max 169).

I’m glad I did something but I’ll try to get something bigger done tomorrow.

Training Load

Very much like the new feature in Polar’s web based offering. It’s off season so it’s pretty easy to follow the advise; it will be interesting when the going gets tougher in the pre-season and I start dipping into the red – will I be so attentive to it’s recommendations then?


I’m now 38 hours out from my first rowing session of the year. Pain in hands, forearms, triceps, shoulders, lats., glutes, neck and stomach. I’m not too sure if I’ll train today.


I did train in the end. A very unimpressive 43 minutes on the trainer. Every minute of it was spent convincing myself that I should stay on the bloody thing. A sign the body is tired and a rest is due.

Feeling Sore

Training pain usually hits me 35 to 40 hours after the event that causes it. This morning -only 14 hours after rowing a measly 5km- I awoke with pain in my glutes, stomach and shoulders. With that I did another tough day today.

Track time was 3x1600y at AeT. Splits were 6:16, 6:20, 6:23 and instead of doing two more I upped the pace and ran 3km in 11:07. That’s 3:43/km pace with an average HR of 166. The total run, including to/from the track was 14,5km in 1:08. Pushing the pram to and from the track slowed down the average pace considerably.

I went to swimming tonight and did a pretty tough 2,3km… main set was 700m at probably 1500m effort. I came in in 11:06 compared to 10:53 last week. I’ll blame the rowing on that one. Let’s see what happens next week.

I’ll do one more bike session tomorrow and then take it easy for the weekend.

Row row…

Two days off due to lack of interest and motivation and back with a bang today.

The same indoor bike session as last week for my 45 minute lunchtime session then I hit the gym 4 house later and did my first rowing session in 7 months. 5km in 19:45. Good start for the indoor season. I loosened up afterwards with an easy 11 minute swim.

Not a bad day at all.


Autumn Run


Beautiful run today. It was my first time running off-road in a couple of months and also my first run in the new Innov-8 Bare Grips. Both of the experiences were great. Having set my goal for next year I started to think about it during the run.

To restate the goal: Win 40.44 AG in Stockholm Triathlon (Olympic Distance) in 2012

Question number 1 is: How much do I let my run fitness slip over the winter?

Question number 2 is: What should my approach be to cycling during winter? Indoor only? Long/slow on the MTB?

Question number 3 is: What kind of arrogance is it to expect to win the first Olympic triathlon I compete in?

Anyway – while thinking of this I was merely cruising around the 10km trail and was holding and average 4:30/km for the course. Given that there is 200m of climbing I must have been easily holding 4:10-15 on the flat.

Anyway – I’m happy with where I am and will soon start planning for where I want to go. Another -not so distant- plan is to run a 2:48 marathon. Why 2:48? Because that’s 4:00/km – a nice round number for a pace!

Test time…

Maf test done again today. 5x1600y at the track. The aim was to see if my fitness increased but -more specifically- if my MAF fitness increased without doing any MAF training.

Test #1

6:17(142), 6:26(146), 6:31(145), 6:32(145), 6:33(145)

Test #2 (25 days later)

6:07(135), 6:12(145), 6:09(146), 6:21(146), 6:21(146)

Answer is yes on both counts but what does that really mean? Would I have been even faster (at that HR) had I done MAF training? I think I will play with this over the winter and try to find out.


Backed up the run with a swim. Short but tough – lots of 50s, which I am absolutely useless at.

Another day off…

…and another double day.

Similar bike set to Tuesday (10 min spinning 104+, 2 min Easy, 2 x 10 min HIM pace w& 3 min Easy between followed by 6min as :30/:30 Steady/Hard)

Then off to swimming for a short but difficult set. Two main sets: 9×100 on 1:50 (all 1:30 or better). 10x 50 max on 1:30 (all 50s under :40)

Tired and a little sore.

I’ll probably head to the track tomorrow with the Asics Piranha’s and give them another go. I’ll do the MAF test most likely.

I think I’ve decided what I want to aim for next year; I came up with it during the first main set tonight: Winning Stockholm Triathlon 40-44 AG. Now, it’s out there!

Back at it…

…even though I don’t quite know what it is.

I took a day off yesterday to recuperate from the race and did a double session today.

At 12:00 I jumped on the bike trainer and did a 45 minute set; nothing as difficult as some of the stuff I’ve done this year but certainly not easy: 10 min w/u, 2×10 min @ HIM pace and 5 min 30 hard/30 steady

I’m now just back from swimming and am pleased to say it was a great set: 200 w/u, 500 technique, 18×100 on 1:50 (all splits under 1:30), 200 w/d

O’m nicely tired now. Run tomorrow maybe.