Been busy

I’ve not updated this for a very long time; I’ve had many balls up in the wire and had to let this one drop! Over the past few weeks I have done some running and very little cycling; mainly 30-50 minutes indoor quality sets. Despite the lack of cycle volume, I placed myself on the start line of a 135km bike race today and gave it a go.

All went very well for the first 10 minutes until a giant tractor blocked the road and the group was split to bits. I procrastinated a little too long and my decision to wait for a group to help me catch the main group proved to be the wrong one. Initially we were just two and by km 50 we had a good group of 7 working very well together. I felt very strong but was in no way confident; I was waiting for my lack of cycling volume to tap me on the shoulder and say “hey buddy, out the back with you!”. At km95 our group had whittled down to 4 and I was still feeling pretty ok – I was tired but far from being expelled out the back. With 20km to go I started to feel an ache and had to dig very deep several times to hold the group. This got harder and harder until eventually -with just 3km to go- the elastic broke. I was out the back and all alone. I limped home and was absolute exhausted upon crossing the finish line; I don’t think I have ever gone that deep on the bike.

I’m now sitting here with that warm glow of exhaustion that only cycling can bring on. I’ll press publish now and hit the bed with a smile on my face.

135km / 35,8km/h