I did what could be considered my first easy run in a long time. I was not ‘crash training’ for something as I seem to have been doing for some time now. I ran approximately 14,5 km in 65 minutes with 149 as my av HR.

I have 61 days to what should have been my A-race last year – A fast 10km course in Hässelby. This year I want to crush it. 37-something is well within my reach but I’d love to reach the 36-somethong mark. 3:41/km would scrape me under. Now I have to figure out how to do it…



Race: I ran 38:39 on Saturday. I’m pleased with that. Can I find another 2 minutes this year? Hässelby calls!

Rest: I rested on Sunday despite feeling as if I could have raced again; no fatigue whatsoever.

Roll: I jumped on the trainer and did the most intense interval session ever. 30 minute at IM pace followed by 3 x 4 min Max with 4 min rest between intervals. I was absolutely fried afterwards.