…not the car variety; that’s the bike intervals I did today. Time was not on my side so I had to cut the warm up short and dive straight in after only 10 minutes of easy cycle. As usual, the first one was the worst. What was unusual though was that it seemed much easier than last week despite it being faster. The indoor trainer is a great tool but as far as measureable progress is concerned it is limited. For indoor training a power meter is the only way t go. The power2max is calling – the Garmin Vector is a bit of a letdown on more than one feature a brim brothers is not looking like it is coming any time soon… Now; where am I going to get the money?

One Hour

Richie and I did the usual 80km ride today; ‘the churches ride’ is how I usually refer to it. For a change, we decided to of it a little different. Beginning at Ekerö bridge we 2-up TTd the lap until we returned to the bridge again. The lap is 35,79km and we did it in 1:00:05 – just missing our one hour goal. Still though, it was a great set and will from now on be a regular happening.

Before this I went in to look at Stockholm triathlon. It got me fired up to compete again in triathlon. I have to start swimming again – that is the only thing stopping me now.

Back to triathlon?

Today was a day of firsts.

It was my first swim in a long time; probably 7 or 8 weeks. More significantly though was the fact that I cycled swam and ran today.

I did a pretty tough big gear session on the trainer in the early afternoon. Took care of family business until 18:00 and then headed out to Hellasgården and had a beautiful -but though- swim followed by a hilly hard run.

Three sports in one day – I feel like a triathlete again!


I did what could be considered my first easy run in a long time. I was not ‘crash training’ for something as I seem to have been doing for some time now. I ran approximately 14,5 km in 65 minutes with 149 as my av HR.

I have 61 days to what should have been my A-race last year – A fast 10km course in Hässelby. This year I want to crush it. 37-something is well within my reach but I’d love to reach the 36-somethong mark. 3:41/km would scrape me under. Now I have to figure out how to do it…



Race: I ran 38:39 on Saturday. I’m pleased with that. Can I find another 2 minutes this year? Hässelby calls!

Rest: I rested on Sunday despite feeling as if I could have raced again; no fatigue whatsoever.

Roll: I jumped on the trainer and did the most intense interval session ever. 30 minute at IM pace followed by 3 x 4 min Max with 4 min rest between intervals. I was absolutely fried afterwards.

Nine Days

I’ll try to recall the last nine days training:

After the MTB ride we went away for the weekend – all that was done there was a 42 minute run. 22 minutes out and 20 minutes back. Next day was about 2 hours cycling – 30 minutes w/u, 4x 7min intervals, 30 minute home.

Backed that up with a 35 minute run – 20 minutes relatively hard.

Yesterday I climbed abord the TT bike and did 55 minutes of Big-Gear riding.

Race tomorrow. Hilly 10km – prediction 38:57 (3:53/km)


Running Scared

I was in absolute agony after my last run so I took a full day off. Even today my lower legs hurt so I decided not to run. Instead of running I inflicted a different type of street on my body.

I first climbed upon my trainer and did a short but sharp 4×4 mins – with 4 minutes between the sets. The original plan was to do 5×4 minute but I changed my mind. Some may believe that switching from 5 to 4 is a cop out; far from it! I removed a set so that I could go harder and when I compared the data to my last 5×4 set it is exactly that – even though I’m not quite as fit as I was when I last climbed on the trainer.

Later in the evening -or early night- I hit the MTB trails and had the best and most enjoyable ride of my life – even though I took a minor spill. The trail was dry and the speed was high… pure brilliant!