3 day catch-up: Rest, Run, Ride

Different order than the previous three days. The rest was not so restful -lots of family activities- probably more correct to call it a non training day.


The run was the first 10km of the XTreme course and then the quickest way home. It worked out as exactly 15km. I took it relatively easy until the last 3km because I was planning a solid bike ride today.


The bike ride was solid, however I really felt the fact that I had not been out on the bike in three weeks. For the last hour the efforts were quite painful. The good news is that I managed to average 31,3km/h for 75km. Not too shabby.


3 day catch-up: Rest, Ride, Run…

I took a rest day after my double day. Then yesterday I did a very hard set on the trainer; after reading an article on the web I decided/discovered that my interval sets on the bike were probably not the ones for me. My old sets were more addressing endurance than strength. They were sets at slightly over Aerobic Threshold with very small rest intervals. What I did yesterday had work rates over my Lactate Threshold with rest interval equal to work interval: They hurt!

5 min w/u with minute 3 hard.

3 x [2 min HARD / 2 min rest. 4 min HARD/4 min rest] + 2 min HARD, 2 min w/d


Today I hit the track and bashed out 10x400m on 2:00. Most splits were 1:20. Some 1:19, some 1:21.


Take Two?

I didn’t make the double yesterday – family and stuff.

Today I did a trainer set on the bike that had much longer sets than yesterday: 2×10 minutes on 1 min rest followed by 1×20.

Today is the longest day of the year. All the family are in bed. Should I now go for a run?


Did my run!

11,6km with the 10km trail done in 44:15 @ 145 av. HR. That’ll do for the day.

Double Planned

I took Sunday off with the goal of doing a double day today; either Bike-Swim or Bike-Run. Swim is the preferred  second session but I am dependant on external factors to make it happen so I’ll run as a backup.

My bike ride was 42 minutes of pretty hard riding:

2 min w/u, 8x[4 min HARD, 1 min easy]

The Max HR on my work sets was about my Bike LT: 159-162. I hammered the last 4 minutes with a max HR of 172.



Friday – Saturday

Getting better ‘down there’. Ran on Friday and biked on the trainer on Today.

The run was the 10k trail in Ursvik – 43:44 @ 157 av. HR

The ride was w/u followed by 4x[1 min hard, 1 min rest, 2 min hard, 1 min rest,3 min hard, 1 min rest,4 min hard, 1 min rest]

Started to feel pain after 40 minutes. Was wise not to start a 9 hour bike ride today!


Since last week’s 55 minute indoor ride there has been an incident. Or, I should say there was an incident during the ride. I did that ride with the pad of my shorts dosed in tea tree oil – idea was to cure a saddle sore I had. Well – the saddle sore is gone but so is most of my undercarriage! Tea tree oil should be diluted 6:1 or else it can cause terrible burning. I can testify now as to how significant that burn can be. One week later and I’m still loosing skin and bleeding… I don’t know how long it will be before I am able to sit on my bike. As for hitting the trails on the MTB, just thinking about it hurts.

I did manage two good runs: 17km on Saturday – when the burn had tamed down and not started to bleed yet. Then I did 12km on Tuesday – the burns had dried up and I started to bleed during this run… I’ll try to run again tomorrow and see how it is.

Got a short swim in today. 25 minutes in total. felt good. Cleaned up ‘the area’.


Cycled 82km tonight @ 31,2km/h average speed. Met a group of five cyclists from Fredrikshof after about 70 minutes and hung with them after receiving an invite. They were pretty damn fast but I hung on and had great fun indeed. It made me want to race – I haven’t had that feeling in a long time. Do I have another 220km in my legs though?

Rest and Run…

I took a day off because I was basically knackered! Today I got back at it and ran the XTreme again; 1:09:20 w/ av. HR of 154. I PUSHED all the hills and recovered on the flats. I wonder how much faster I would/could go with my current fitness and how fast I can get this year. Tune in in late SEptember when the answer is available!

Back it up and …

…fall down!

I went out on the bike tonight for what I hoped would be a fast 2,5 hours. It turned out that there were at least two things not in my favour. My longest run of the year was completed a mere 19 hours previously and the wind was up. Legs felt dead throughout but I kept with the plan and did 75km @ 29,8km/h. 1,2km/h l´slower than I planned (or hoped?)… onwards and upwards.