Did my first off-road session of the year. While I’m nowhere near Richie’s league, I am far better than I was last year. I suppose fitness was a bigger issue than I assumed last year. While I’m not near my top form I certainly felt more than fit enough to handle the effort and having the reserves left to concentrate on what I’m doing… Can’t wait to get back out there again.

Busy day

I started by runnig to work – the shortest possible route. It took only 17 minutes and I’m not sure if it counts.

I skipped lunchtime training -again- so I took a longer route home. 49 minutes in total and I must admit, I didn’t feel relaxed at all. I’m failry convinced that all the cycling stiffens up my running stride. My working assumption is that I just have to adapt to doing the two sports again and I’ll have my groove back.

Evening time came and I had the opportunity to train again; I couldn’t not take the oportunity and climbed abord the trainer and bashed out the following:

10min 5 x [1min mod-hard, 1 min easy]
10min 3 x [2 min big gear@ 64rpm, 1 min spinn @ 100 rpm] + 1 min easy
10min 1 x [spinning at 105-110 rpm w/ >120rpm for the last 10 seconds of each minute]
1 min rest
4 min Tabata interval

I think I should enter Stockholm Triathlon – just the sprint. I could do pretty well I think.