Quick swim today.

25x100m on 1:40

Pretty easy until the last 8, then a little focus got me to the end.

I need a little prep for my China work trip; there is a pool at the hotel so I want to get fit enough to swim every day while I’m there,

Cycling on Running Legs

The two previous days running have taken their toll.

I started what I thought would be a nice two hour ride after work; the reality was that there was verry little nice about it!

For the first hour I was either going easy or red-lining it there was no middle ground to find. I also noticed that my cadence was unusually low. I can only attribute this to what I deem to be called: having running legs.

There was a brief period where I peeked out from the draft and did a little work. I managed to put some solid efforts in but they were the both short-lived and the exception to the day.

60km in 2:03 – next ride is planned for Monday.

Three runs in two days

Completely unplanned running block.

I simply ran home yesterday because I’d be busy once I got home. I took a slightly longer route home and ended up running 40 minutes. Included in that was the last 5km of Ursvik XTreme. I ran that in 22:45 @ 149 av. HR.

Today I ran to work on a route that took 26 minutes and then took one of the longer possibilities home: From the 2km point on the XTreme course to the 10km – from then it was the shortest way home. I timed the middle 5k of the XTreme course at 24:52 with 148 av. HR. This is the most difficult section of the course and is where I can make or break a good time for the 15km.

I’ll try my best to get some form of pedal turning exercise tomorrow; be that on a spinning bike or out on the road depends on my schedule… either way I WILL do something. Running needs a rest for a day or two.

32 minutes -> Tabata

Tough trainer workout today.

28 minutes of difficult warm-up that included some big gear work followed by the dreaded 4 minute Tabata set.

182 max HR during the Tabata set – I am thrashed!


Backed up the cycle with an 11,6km run. 10km trail in 45:06 @ 147 av. HR.

On the trainer

Sat on the trainer and made it up as I went.

3 min w/u

8 x 1 min HARD, 30 seconds easy

10 minutes varying cadence from 68-92 w/ mod-hard effort

2 minutes easy

3 x 4 minutes mod-hard 1 min easy.

7:00 as 92 cadence w/ 110 cadence first 10 seconds or every minute.

30 seconds @ 110rpm

2 mins easy.

Back on the trails

It’s actually my second run on the local trails but last week’s one was a non-starter because I was with other people. Tonight I got a real measure of where my fitness is. Three seconds under 46 minutes for the 10k trail. That’s not stellar, but it most certainly is respectable, considering the fact that I had to hold myself back all the time. The job today was to get around EASY. 146 average HR shows that I managed that.

I’m going to hold back for the next few weeks and just increase distance… see what comes out of it.

2:48 Bike

Nice bike ride today. I have a bit of a cold so was feeling pretty sluggish at the start. After 20-30km my legs opened up a bit and I started to feel pretty good. Just shy of three easy-ish hours on the bike; not too bad at all. This week I’ll fix up the racer and then put the CX bike away.

Busy, busy…

Two good days

I had a great two days training. Yesterday I ran the Ursvik 10k for the first time since early last November; it was great to get out there. Pace was pretty conservative.

Today I did just shy of 60km cycling after work. Conditions were ideal and teh average speed was a pretty good 28km/h. I inadvertently made it more challenging by carrying no liquid or food of any kind with me…. I’m still hungry as a result.