Vätternrundan Session II

I did my second ‘long’ training today after work. 93 minutes would have been considered a warm-up in my heyday but today it took it’s toll on my weary body! The fact that I have to cycle nearly 1000% of today’s distance in only     94 days seems like an insurmountable task. I have no experience in regaining fitness after such a long lay-off so I don’t know what level I can expect to return to. It’s most likely that it will take two years to return to the sort of fitness that I will be satisfied with. One thing is for sure; it will take as long as it will take – there is no rushing it! In fact, rushing it will make it take longer…

Time to remember the phrase: “Most people greatly overestimate what they are capable in the short-term and greatly underestimate what they are capable in the long-term.”

Words to live by for the next year or so.