Rowing again!

I finally managed to complete a session on the rower… 9 difficult kilometres done as follows.

1000 m hard

1000 m easy

300m mod-hard

3x [1000m w/ 10 Max pulls, 10 easy pulls +500m very easy]

THR 58/89 – 65,1%

Shake it off…

Ran again tonight. I just went out the door with the intention of ‘shaking-off’ last night’s interval session. Mission accomplished. I took it easy and feel pretty good now… I’m time challenged to find a cycle opportunity this week. I have to do my best to find a way. 80 days left.

THR: 57/88 – 64,8%


I went out for a run tonight and as i was running past the track I heard the sounds of cheering. I instantly assumed two things:

1/ there was a football match on.

2/ the running track must be cleared.

I was nearly correct on both assumptions. There was indeed a football match on; but not on the track pitch – it was on the asrto turf next to the track. The track on the other hand was 75% free of snow so I did what I could:

10 x 290m on 1:30

This was very difficult. So difficult that I feel I will be lucky if I only get DOMS – this session was an injury risk.

Vätternrundan Session II

I did my second ‘long’ training today after work. 93 minutes would have been considered a warm-up in my heyday but today it took it’s toll on my weary body! The fact that I have to cycle nearly 1000% of today’s distance in only     94 days seems like an insurmountable task. I have no experience in regaining fitness after such a long lay-off so I don’t know what level I can expect to return to. It’s most likely that it will take two years to return to the sort of fitness that I will be satisfied with. One thing is for sure; it will take as long as it will take – there is no rushing it! In fact, rushing it will make it take longer…

Time to remember the phrase: “Most people greatly overestimate what they are capable in the short-term and greatly underestimate what they are capable in the long-term.”

Words to live by for the next year or so.

Double Day

I made up for my three days of athletic idling. At lunch I did a tough set on the spinning bike:
2 min w/u
7 x (1 min hard, 1 min Steady)
2 min easy
4 min Tabata set
For the first time ever, I can say that I left nothing in reserve during the Tabata set; it was flat out for all 8 intervals.

Directly after this I attempted to swim; my body wasn’t having any of this so after 5 minutes of constantly wanting to stop, I decided to up the pace and swim hard for 5 minutes and then get out.
Then it was back to work for a rest.

I’m now just back from a run; the first run in my new Mizuno Wave Musha 3. I ran a 9,2km course that I have been running in around 42-43 minutes during the deepest winter. Today I did it in 39:20 – that’s an average speed of 4:18 with an average HR of 146! My calves were quite sore after the run – something I never experience. This could be either a) they were shot from the Tabata sets today, or b) the Mizunos are significantly flatter than the Brooks ST-4 Racers… I’d guess that it was the Tabatas, but I’ll keep a close eye on it.

Anyway, 1:20 for the day

T.H.R. 49/73 – 67,1% (target 75%)

Three Zeros

Three straight zero days. Sick child and otherwise busy. I feel that I am able to absorb the current training sessions I am doing; it’s tie to step up the duration again… Morning training is possible – I just have to seiz the oportunity.


48/72 – 66,7%