Zero weekend…

Once again, I had a zero weekend so I somewhat made up for it today:

I cycled to work – 30 minutes.

After lunch I sat on the Concept2 with the intention of rowing a steady 202W for 10km. For reasons of fatigue and boredom I had to break the session with 2km to go. From that point on I did 10 hard pulls (240W) followed by 10 easy pulls (170-190W) for a pretty exhausting final 2000m.

Several data points were of significance today:
1/ The 10 minute splits show that 202W is far from steady pace:
1st 10min: 153 HR max, 143 HR av.
2nd 10min: 160 HR max, 157 HR av.
3rd 10min: 166 HR Max, 163 HR av.
The last 10 minutes had the interavals, so it’s not relevant.

Total time for the 10km was 39:54 and average power came in at 204,0W

I cycled home -30 minutes.

After dinner I then ran very easy (131 av. HR) for 42 minutes.

That all surely makes up for a zero weekend!

Making progress…

Went to the gym with absolutely no plan. I ended up doing the following:

5km easy-> mod-hard on the Concept2: 20:24 190,6W. 145 Av HR.

4 min O’Neil test: 1096m 170 max HR, 264W.

Then, on to the Monark and did the following steps:

5 min @ 160W – 139 HR max,133 HR av – 1.20W/HR
5 min @ 170W – 145 HR max,142 HR av – 1.20W/HR
5 min @ 180W – 150 HR max,147 HR av – 1.22W/HR
2 min @ 200W – 154 HR max,152 HR av – 1.32W/HR
3 min @ 220W – 160 HR max,158 HR av – 1.39W/HR

All in all, pretty easy. I might tun tonight if I get a chance.


Ran 9,2km in 42 minutes. Not comfortable at all!

19/20 training hit rate for the year: 67,8%

Back on the Rower

After a day of rest I assumed that I would be invincible at the gym today, so I started my 10km rowing session averaging 220W. After 1000m I fully intended to hold this power for the duration of the session. By the time there was 7,5km remaining I knew that I was in trouble. I instantly adapted the set and rowed a 500m section at 190W. Refreshed, I did a 1000m @ 220W followed by another 500 @ 190W. I played around with this until eventually with 1100m to go I had dipped below 205W average. From that point on I help 210+ Watts to come in in 39:44 @ 206,4W.

Tired, or should I say exhausted, I climbed aboard a Monark exercise bike; more as a mission of discovery than for any testing/exercise beenefit. I fumbled around with the controls until I figured out how to input a ramp test.
I set it to 100w with a ramp of 40Watts/min – thinking that I could sit there for a good 10 minutes. Four minutes and 40 seconds later I climbed off after only reaching 286W!
I’m not taking that as a benchmark, but I still expected more.

Next time I’ll start at 100W and set a shallower ramp, say, 10W/min. Maybe then I can stay on for 20 minutes.

Time to rest

I hit it pretty hard again today:

5km on the treadmill in 19:53. Started out a 4:00/km and gradually increased the pace to 3:45/km. I usually get to 3:30 but today I simply couldn’t.

Hit the pool directly after and swam 25 minutes non-stop at a very conservative pace. I would guess I averaged 1:41/100m, which, for a 16m pool is dreadfully slow,

During the cycle home today I decided that I needed a rest – I now feel ok; so the question is: Should I rest if I still feel OK tomorrow?

17/25 – 68%


I finished off the week with an easy 45 minute run; 142 av. HR – good enough!

Started off the week today with a 19:20 5k row followed by a 22 minute swim.

Keeping things going for now, will step up the durations when I can take a full week at this rate and feel I don’t need a rest.

Keep on truckin’

The last two days have been pretty productive as far as training goes. Yesterday, despite being busy all day, I managed to fit in 10km on the Concept2. The plan was to row conservatively and hit 42 minutes. The reality was that I started out pulling what felt like a pretty easy pace. After 1km, this pace no longer felt easy, nonetheless, I continued on until the end: 10km in 40:21 @ 197,2W. Average HR of 161 (max 174) confirmed precisely what I felt: it was bloody difficult!

I returned today – alos with the intention of taking it somewhat easy.
5km run in 19:42
5km row in 20:08 @ 201,2W

I must recover now – two hard days in a row.

Feel the strain…

This morning, for the first time in what seems like years, I felt the effects of a training load. I pretty mych passed out after getting out of bed. So it would seem that my BP is getting lower!
Yesterday I did the following:
Cycled to work 26 minutes
5 km on the Concept2: 20:08
21 minutes non-stop swimming
Cycled home – 25 minutes

Three good days

I took a day off on Thursday and followed it up with three pretty good days:

Friday I ran 9,2km in -6 C @ 4:30/km

Saturday I was home with the kids and managed to get a home strength session done when everyone was in bed: A pyramid set:

Bent-over row,
Dumbbell Squat,
Can-Can Kicks,
Dumbbell Shoulder press,
Knee-under plank

The set starts out with 10 bicep curls followed by a little rest. Next is a 10 bicep-curls directly followed by 10 push ups. This pattern continues until  all 10 exercises are completed. Then the bicep curls are removed – leaving 9 exercises. Next the bicep-curls and push-ups are removed… This took 42 minutes.

Tonight I did the same run as Friday – it was very slippery out there so it tool 40 seconds longer.

That’s that: 6/7 for the week!

12/16 for 2011 – 75%

Couldn’t hit to 40′

Today I went training and was unable to make my minimum 40 minutes session!
I started out with 20 minutes running. 4:11/km for 500m and then set the treadmill to 3.58/km.
With 6 minutes remaining I started to up the pace considerably: first to 3:45/km and finally to 3:30/km for the final 2:00.
I then went straight over to the rowing and attempted a 5km… Fir the first time in my life I quit a rowing session: climbed off after an excruciating 2.5km in 10:40.

31 minutes for the day. Do I count it or not?