Christmas eve run

I had a very small window to train today; between cooking the turkey and the time to start the vegetables. I did a very brief run: 29 minutes around Råstasjön. The mystery of the pain I got in both feet the last time I ran has been resolved – I moved the lace pattern down one eyelet on the Icebugs and that was that!

Since I am on a comeback -again!- I took no pace measuring device at all, nor do I know how far the run was, so I can’t extrapolate any pace information… I won’t do that for another few weeks. Having said that, the run felt pretty fast and after the 29 minutes I was done!

Onwards and upwards. Fast marathon in 2011?

Training Plans

My weekly training peaked at an average of 3h51/week sometime in September, It’s now down to under three – this clearly won’t do!

We had a talk last night and it was decided that Hanna will take the kids in the morning on the condition that I’m around in the evening. What that means is that I have an ‘opportunity’ to train most mornings from 06:00 -> 8:30; a man can get mighty fit on those hours.

One or Two swims/week

two runs/week

one or two skis/week

Once the snow goes, replace skiing with cycling.

All that remains now is for me to get to bed early and do what I now have the chance to do!

Back to back days

I’ve trained two days back to back.

Last night I ran for the first time in six weeks – it was an interesting experience. I started out running as fast as I did when I last ran… I was probably cruising at 4:00/km and feeling great. Five of six minutes into the run I got a stabbing pain in the lateral side of the ankle joint; around the tarsal area. I stopped and stretched it out and after a few stretches and easy jogging the pain subsided. Five minutes later I got the same pain in the right foot!

I cut the run short at 33 minutes.

Today I got out on the skis for my longest session so far this year: 1:17 of moderately hard going.

Tonight I’ll do some weights if I get the chance.

Every Opportunity…

I’m taking every opportunity to train now. Today, even though there was an enormous downfall of snow during the day- I took the longer route home on the bike. As the bike paths had not been gritted yet, every pedal stroke was an effort; It was only 32 minutes but it was 32 good quality minutes better than 0 minutes!

After the kids had finally settled  took out the stretch cords and did some ski-polling exercises. 30 minutes of ‘polling’ for about 3-4 minutes followed by wall-squat for about 90 seconds. I added 10 hard fast pulls every 20 or 30 pulls. The whole set was then backed up with 2×8 + 1×16 dumbbell bicep-curls.

My arms are now burning, but the sauna awaits!

More Skiing

Today I did the usual amount of skiing: 64 minutes. The difference this time is that it was a sustained effort for the entire duration. The 12km track has few steep hills and the track is in ski-able condition for the entire lap; for that reason I am extremely tired! Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance to train for at least two more days so I’ll have time to absorb what I have done today.


Did some supersets tonight because I’m home alone with the kids. I tried to alternate between legs and arm exercises so that I would not have to take any rest at all. I managed to keep it going for 30 minutes.  I made it up as I went along – probably not a good plan for the future since such a strategy allows one to quit quite easily.

Tomorrow I’ll ski again.

More Skiing

I’m not managing to find a new training routine for the winter… I’m going to have to get out on the skis at least twice a week and I’ll need to get some other training in. Last week after my ski I cycled a longer route to work and took it hard – only 35 minutes but better than the 12 minutes easy cycling I now do.

Tonight I got on the skis again and did  about 65 minutes of solid skiing. My head torch died on me early on so I was confined to the floodlit track after that. After 45 minutes of skiing I decided to do a few hill-reps. I did the stat/finish hill 5 times t a good effort. I wasn’t tired after the hour but lets see what tomorrow brings.

XC Ski #3

Third ski of the year and tonight I had grip for the first time this year! I did 65 minutes of skiing that ended with a pretty hard effort on the 5k. The good news is that my rib felt not too bad. The bad news is that the 5k took me 28 minutes!

I still have the goal of going under 20 minutes for the 5k and that still seems realistic. The 8 minutes can be made up with a little fitness gain and a lot of technique gains.

Possible Broken Rib

Ten days of pain now: same side as last year – either the pain is not as bad or I’m just accustomed to it! I’ll try to train again tomorrow either way – I’m going stir crazy from the sedentary lifestyle.
To ease the pain I did some retail therapy: The Lumicycle XPG ATL

It comes with Light head (of course!), Li-Ion Battery  and Helmet mount. I will try to adapt the helmet mount so that it can be used for XC Skiing; More on that when I manage it. Official test will be on the way home from work today (in complete darkness in the forest) but initial impressions are fantastic. Last year I bought a Hope 1 LED front light and today I compared them side by side. The Hope’s brightest setting was not nearly as bright as the Lumicycle’s lowest setting, despite the fact that Hope rate the 1 LED at 240 lumens @ high power and Lumicycle rate their light @ 150 lumens @ low power!
I suspect that Hope measure light intensity at the centre of the beam where a very small area is significantly brighter than the rest of the beam pattern. The lumicycle beam may too be brighter in the centre, but it is not significant or indeed noticeable at all. Comparing a £90 light with a £2705light may not seem fair, but in this case, the law of diminishing margin returns has not even begun to kick in yet.
Hope 1 LED: Claimed 240 lumens. = £0.38/Lumen
Lumicycle :1340 lumens = £0.20/Lumen

lumen / Burn Time
Hope 1 LED:
3 hours @ 240 lumens

2 hours @ 1340 lumens
4 hours @ 950 lumens
11 hours @ 450 lumens
57 hours @ 150 lumens

Also, it’s very easy to switch between different settings on the Lumicycle, there even is a smart burn mode where it will stay at 1340 lumens for 3 minutes, then switch down to 950… I’m truely happy so far; can’t say enough good things about it! I’ll try to take some photos of the beam pattern on the way home today.