For the first time since 2006 I donned my ski gear and headed out the door to do some Cross-Country skiing. It was late in the day and I never got the chance to clean and wax so I thought I’d go with the skis as they were. They were precisely as they were in late February 2006 when I finished Vasaloppet and put the skis in the bag upon completion of the 90km. People have said that grip-tape has magical properties. On that day in 2006 I agreed. Today however, I discovered that those magical properties do not last 4 years! Absolutely no traction on the uphill’s and precious little glide on the downhill’s.

1:15 of pretty easy training.

Now to get the cleaning fluid, scraper, wax, cork, iron and whatever other accoutrements are required and get waxing.

More Cycling

I backed-up Monday’s cycle with an almost identical set on Tuesday:

10 min w/u
4x(3 min mod-hard, 2 min easy)
1x 8 min mod-hard, 2 min w/d

The thinking was, same duration, a little more intensity.

Last night I then did a little harder again:

10 min w/u
3 min mod-hard, 2 min easy @ 91rpm
4 min mod-hard, 2 min easy @ 91rpm
5 min mod-hard, 2 min easy @ 91rpm
6 min mod-hard, 2 min easy @ 91rpm
7 min mod-hard, 2 min easy @ 91rpm
45 minutes total

The last 7 minutes was done as
6 x (50 seconds @ 91 rpm, 10 seconds @ 101+ rpm)
1x 30 seconde @ 91 rpm, 30 seconds @ 101+ rpm.

I think I’m going to have to insulate the shed!

More rest

I will start training today. Not sure how – but I will.


I climbed abort the rollers tonight and did an short set to get things going again:
10 min w/u
6x(3 min mod-hard, 2 min easy)

Should have been easy but wasn’t. Having said that, t wasn’t that hard either.
Finish off with 2×10 squats.

10 days off

I have been carrying a bug of some sorts for nearly 5 weeks and it’s symptoms are ebbing and flowing. 10 days ago I decided to take complete rest and shake it for once and for all. The complete rest did nothing so I finally gave in and went to the doctor. He said both ears and throat (and possibly lungs) had an bacterial infection and prescribed Doxy! Broad spectrum antibiotics seem to be little on the aggressive side in my opinion; I’m no doctor though.

I suppose I can start training again.

Three Runs!

I did three runs today. To and from work and a lunchtime run.
Run to work: 18 minutes flat, 4 km
Lunch run: 42:01, 9 km
Run home: 18:16, 4km

Some strength work at home since I was unable to go swimming.
Sauna and bed.

Non-Zero Weekend!

It’s Monday today. For the first time in quite a few weeks I can say; “I did some training this weekend!”

I ran the 10k trail and took a couple of small side loops along the way bting the total run to 14,2km. My watch stated an average speed of 4:24 w/ av. HR of 148 – this seems a little too fast for the effort I put out; I’m either fitter than I thought or the footpod needs a little calibration. I’ll try to back it up with a run today.

Keep on moving…

I’m doing nothing of epic proportions but I’m getting something done most days.
Wednesday I had no time to run during lunch so I took a slightly longer route home; I did a short section of the XTreme course until it joined the easy 5 and headed home. 40 minutes in total @ 147 av. HR.
What made it somewhat challenging was the fact that it was dark and I had lost one contact lens earlier in the day. A headlamp usually hides contours of the trail, which in itself is manageable. Combine that with having 2-d vision and there is the odd stumble and trip to contend with along the way.
Thursday morning I ran to work; For the 19 minutes my lazy brain kept telling my legs to stop running each and every one of the 3,549 steps. I wonder if doing this every morning will make it easier? I might try it next week.
Thursday night’s swim was pretty interesting; and difficult to write down:
80x25m done as follows:
Every 8th 25 Hard 4 times (32×25)
Every 6th 25 Hard 4 times (24×25)
Every 4th 25 Hard 4 times (16×25)
Every 2nd 25 Hard 4 times (8×25)


Today I ran the Edsviken loop. 11,3km in 52 minutes; 4:38/km 144 av. HR. Easy enough.


As is fast becoming the norm, the weekend was a zero with regards to training. Monday I managed a very short run and tonight I’ll hopefully squeeze in a swim. I’ll then try to get a longer run done tomorrow; possibly by running home from work via Edsviken.


Late for swimming – managed to get 100m done before the main set: 16x100m on 1:50. All 100s done in about 1:28 – not too bad!