Wasn’t in the mood to run today but went out anyway; I figured that it would be my last chance to run until Monday, so better get it done. About 9km in total with the last 5 minutes done at a good gallop. That’ll do.

Last night I tried my newest gadget: the Swimovate Pool-Mate.
A watch that basically counts strokes and laps – without the need to press any buttons.

Out of the box, my initial impression was that it looks cheap; it has to be said however, that @ £70, it wasn’t actually expensive.
Had a quick read through the instructions during the 2 minute walk from the car to the pool and I knew all I needed.

Simple to use and the only ‘mistake’ it made was that it didn’t count the laps in my kik-set. Apart from that, breast-stroke, one-arm free, sculling , back stroke all were counted.
It will be very helpful for the next 1500m set and pretty useful for the 10×400 sets in a 25m pool… Nice piece of kit!