9km Lunch

Short run during lunch: 9km @ 4:31/km average pace. Picked up the pace a little at the end. Legs felt very good after resting all weekend. If it wasn’t the last week in October I’d plan some serious training this week; I feel really good!


I will go out now and attempt some roller-skiing for the first time this year, the second time ever and the second time in 5 years! Helmet will be securely fastened and there shall be an overly-tight grip on the poles at all times. Let’s see what transpires…


Back and in one piece. Thoughts are that it is difficult to get a workout from the things: the poles don’t grip very well so it is very difficult to get a proper follow-through on the push. Average HR for the 65 minutes was a sloth-like 114bpm… Having said all that I suspect that my arms and stomach muscles will ache around this time tomorrow, so if it causes muscle pain, it can’t be a total waste of time. 1:45 for the day.