Breakthrough Swim

I think It’s swim number 6 of my comeback and tonight’s swim showed promise.
The two main sets were 8*100 on 1:50 and 12*50, max sustainable pace on 1:30.
The good news is all 100s were (just) under 1:30 and all 50s were under 0:40… I’m delighted with that. A high-5 set!

Still don’t feel well

I’m not sure if I can race on Sunday as I still feel pretty bad in the mornings ad evenings. I’m going to have to re-plan again… not sure now if I can PB in the 10k this year.

In the meantime I’m doing small bouts of strength exercises when I feel good. Yesterday I did 5×10 push-ups… Not world’s strongest man material but better than nothing!


Well, despite my entry above I somehow decided to go for a run anyway. Took it relatiely easy and was pleased with my form. I did the 10k trail in just under 45 minutes. Not a fast time but considering it was at an easy effort I’m very happy. Now – easy does it until I recover.