Killed it

I’m just back from the track session and am thrilled with what I just did. It took every bit of willpower I had and involved lots of mind games, but I did it:

10×800 on 4:00 (2:54, 2:53 ,2:54,2:53, 2:53, 2:52, 2:51, 2:50, 2:50, 2:47)

That translates to:
3:37,5/km slowest pace (16.55km/h)
3:28,75/km fastest pace (17.25km/k)
3:34,63/km average pace (16.77km/h)

And it looks something like this:

I’m sitting wearing my compression tights for the first time this year; now hoping I recover from this set!

Last track session

Today at lunchtime I will go to the track and do my final interval session for what has become my A-race for the year. Question is, do I do 400s or 800s?

20×400 on 2:00 (@≤1:16/400)

10×800 on 4:00 (@≤2:56/800)

Neither look too appealing now that I typed them down, and I’m not sure if I could complete them either. I will probably do the 800 set to failure; Keep running until I cross 2:56 then quit – whatever number hat my be.