Wasn’t in the mood to run today but went out anyway; I figured that it would be my last chance to run until Monday, so better get it done. About 9km in total with the last 5 minutes done at a good gallop. That’ll do.

Last night I tried my newest gadget: the Swimovate Pool-Mate.
A watch that basically counts strokes and laps – without the need to press any buttons.

Out of the box, my initial impression was that it looks cheap; it has to be said however, that @ £70, it wasn’t actually expensive.
Had a quick read through the instructions during the 2 minute walk from the car to the pool and I knew all I needed.

Simple to use and the only ‘mistake’ it made was that it didn’t count the laps in my kik-set. Apart from that, breast-stroke, one-arm free, sculling , back stroke all were counted.
It will be very helpful for the next 1500m set and pretty useful for the 10×400 sets in a 25m pool… Nice piece of kit!

9km Lunch

Short run during lunch: 9km @ 4:31/km average pace. Picked up the pace a little at the end. Legs felt very good after resting all weekend. If it wasn’t the last week in October I’d plan some serious training this week; I feel really good!


I will go out now and attempt some roller-skiing for the first time this year, the second time ever and the second time in 5 years! Helmet will be securely fastened and there shall be an overly-tight grip on the poles at all times. Let’s see what transpires…


Back and in one piece. Thoughts are that it is difficult to get a workout from the things: the poles don’t grip very well so it is very difficult to get a proper follow-through on the push. Average HR for the 65 minutes was a sloth-like 114bpm… Having said all that I suspect that my arms and stomach muscles will ache around this time tomorrow, so if it causes muscle pain, it can’t be a total waste of time. 1:45 for the day.

Not So Epic After All

Well, I didn’t execute my plan for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I felt bad last night and this morning; headache and sore throat still! The wise decision would have been to scrap the plan totally. I didn’t do that; instead I made a new plan: Cancel spinning, go for a swim and then see how I feel.

The swim went well: 200 w/u + 8×400 on 7:00 The 400 splits were between 6:30 and 6:40. That’s 1:37,5-1:40/100. Slow indeed but the sets were swam EASY so it’s not as bad as it seems.

I then went for lunch, a nice sit down long drawn out affair, after which I decided to go on an expedition to find a pair of boots. I walked at least 2,5 hours in my search and -of course- bought the pair of boots that I liked in the first shop! The 2,5 hours wasn’t a waste though. I got some easy exercise and I’m also convinced that the boots I got are the ones I wanted.

Boots in hand, I proceeded to Kista from where I ran the back section of the Ursvik 10k trail. Totaldistance 9,0km @ 4:26/km, av. HR 147.

So that makes the day’s total 3,4km swim and 9km running – Epic? I think not!

Epic Plan

I’m using the word here in a relative sense: Tomorrow’s plan is to do three hours of training – certainly not epic to most people who consider themselves as future Kona participants… I do consider myself as a future participant, but that plan is long term. Thus far in 2010 my average training week has been 3:10 – so to consider doing my week’s training in one day is somewhat epic. The plan is as follows:

08:30 Breakfast

Relax, read and prepare for swim.

10:00 Swim – long set. ??x400. Focus on technique. End with some fast 100s.

Eat something after swim

12:00 Spinning – liquid calories during class.

13:30 10km Run… try to hold 4:30/km

Sauna, fluids then large snack

18:00 dinner.

Long Way Home

I ran home from work today – for no other reason than that I wanted a change; I didn’t really feel like a run to be honest! At the first turn I decided to go left instead of right and take the long way home:

At times I felt pretty slow but considering the terrain, a 4:34/km pace at a moderate 149 av. HR is pretty respectable and indicative of pretty good form…

I’ll most likely rest up tomorrow and prepare for “Epic Friday”.


I’m still pretty upset about yesterday’s swim.