Swim again

Went to swimming tonight; I was tired and sore BEFORE I got there.

This was my fourth swim of my comeback and I felt pretty ok. We did a 600m set, which I did in 9:50 and then we did a set of 8×100 on 1:50. First 100 was 1:30 and felt easy. Over the next five 100s I drifted up to 1:40 and then finished with a 1:35 and a 1:32… By no menas great but signs of improvement are there which is all I need.

Right hamstring is very tight from Sunday. I nearly ran today at lunch and am now glad I didn’t. I may even consider skipping tomorrow also. 19 days to A race. Recover before I do my last (and first) build of the year.

10km PB guaranteed in 19 days.

Don’t f*** it up.