Race #3 of 2010

Since we endured a lot as a family this year, I thought that if I get one result on the board in 2010 I’ll be happy. Well, as the headline states; today was my 3rd race. A 10km that was a tad short of 10km.

I hadn’t done a tap since Tuesday’s run and this morning was actively looking for an excuse not to run. I asked more than once if my help was needed at home instead of me going out racing. I was -unfortunately at the time- told to go out and race.

I jumped in the car and got to the start line 10 minutes before the start, had a small warm-up, took care of nature’s call and started running. As usual, those whom I planned on racing against took off like rabbits and I was left in no mans land between the joggers and the racers. I held my pace and after 2km the leaders started to come back to me. There were a few moments where I thought about taking it ease but all in all, I believe I left it all on the course. Crossed the line in 34:44 in 4th place. Reports from different watches varide from 9.1->9.26km; well short on the 10km it should have been.

A better curve than last race; pretty flat.