Edsviken Run

With some very hard and long interval sets.

I’ll add more tomorrow.


It’s now tomorow. Yesterday’s run was difficult to say the least. I knew three things before I ran:
The route is approximately 11km
I need extra speed
I have no time to get to the track any more
With this in mind, I headed out for the run with the plan to run it as an interval set. While I have never read of such a set I decided to do it. A set I could call: decending intervals with increasing efforts – or DiiE!
The idea (in my mind only) is that the earlier efforts are there merely to add as much fatigue as possible so that the last effort will be more specific to a race experience.
The set was as follows:
10 min w/u
11:20 HARD (170 MHR, 160 Av.HR)
1 min walk
10:47 Steady (156 MHR, 148 Av.HR)
7:39 HARD (169 MHR, 160 Av.HR)
1 min walk
2:06 Easy (140 Av.HR)
5:44 HARD (175 MHR, 166 Av.HR)

Now the question is – Should I back it up or not?