Race day

Today was a 10k race; work’s internal running championships – I came second.

Some good and bad to take from it.

Firstly, I’m not 10k fit – simple as that. I can’t hold the pace I should be able to throughout the distance. I started out pretty conservatively and slowly built into the speed I thought I could hold for the duration. After settling I then decided to try to catch the person in first place and as a result overcooked it a little after about 3km and never bounced back after that.

Going into the race I expected that I wold go under 41 minutes and had announced the fact. I never thought that I could go sub-40 on that course. This would suggest to me that I am in store for a PB at 10k this year. Now, how to best prepare for that PB is what needs to be researched. 32 days to go.