What now?

What should I do today? That’s what I have been trying to figure out all day. The options are:
Run and swim…

Time will tell.


Option 2 – the swim.  The main set included a 600m set. I did it quite hard and finished in 9:40, that’s 1:36,66/100m – getting closer to where I should be but still not great. That would put me -assuming I could hold that pace- at 24:10 for 1500m. I have a test set in two weeks and I will be greatly upset if I go over 24:00… Work to do.

Easier run

Most of my runing over the last few weeks has been failry intense; today I decided to just run – no intervals at all. With regards to my upcoming 10k race, I’m not sure how this helped, but I think I was too tired to do anything harder so I hope there was some benefit.
11,4km Edsviken loop @ 4:24/km Av. HR 153


Getting back into swimming; I’ve really let it go this time though.

Today should have been an easy set but it was far from it. The last set was 10×50 on 55, during which I set a goal to hold all the 50s under 45 seconds. I did it but it took a bit of effort, something that would have been a walk in the park last year. In three weeks there is a 1500m test set – I’ll get a judge on the form then for sure; I hope it’s not too bad. I’m not sure I could handle a result of over 24:00…

Double interval day

Never in all the literature I have read have I come accross a plan that includes two interval sets per day; that’s precisely what I did today.

This was not some sick plan I deviset in order to injure myself, it was merely the way my day worked out. I train when I get the oportunity, which is usualy about half as much as I want to, so tonight when I got the chance to run again I simply took it.

The sessions I did were as follows:

14:50, 11,5km rolling loop ran as follows:
10 minute w/u (4:35/km)
11 minutes @ threshold (3:58/km)
1 min walk,
10 minute steady
8 minute @ threshold (4:16/km – very hilly)
1 minute walk
2 minute steady
6 minutes @ threshold (3:55/km)
Strange splits? Well it is geography that decides the intervals: I run hard when I’m on the trails and run easier on the road.

20:40, ?? Km with track intervals:
10 minute run to Duvbo IP
6×800 start on 4:00
Splits: 2:54, 2:55, 2:57, 2:56, 2:58, 2:48

Long hot shower and bed.

Back it up

After two short runs I felt surprisingly bad; low BP and general tiredness, even climbing stairs was difficult. With all that in mind I decided to back it up with a good steady run: 11,5km @ 4:30/km. It was -in general-  a nice run though testing in two points. First test came after 25 minutes; despite doing no intervals, my mind was trying to tell me that I deserved a one minute walk after the hill that was fast approaching. I nearly gave into the temptation but instead decided to hold pace and carry on through. Then with 3,5km to go (1,5km of which are very hilly) I saw my average pace dropping and was almost going to let go the idea of having 4:30 average pace. It slipped up to 4:32 and then on the last 2km I ran for all I was worth to get the average back to 4:30… Happy to be finished, happy to have held out during the run and happy to have done what I  planned.

Now I need a little rest. Then some specific speed work and then some more rest. Then it’s time to get a 10k PB.

16 days to go.


Did a double run yesterday… I feel reluctant to even call it a double since it was two small runs: a 40 minute and a 30 minute run – separated by 6 hours…
They were both opportunistic, small time-gaps presented themselves and I took the chance to run.
First run was 40 minutes flat, 8,8km
Second run was 30 minutes 6,5km
Now – should I run today or not; that is the question.

16 Days to Hässelbyloppet

Swim again

Went to swimming tonight; I was tired and sore BEFORE I got there.

This was my fourth swim of my comeback and I felt pretty ok. We did a 600m set, which I did in 9:50 and then we did a set of 8×100 on 1:50. First 100 was 1:30 and felt easy. Over the next five 100s I drifted up to 1:40 and then finished with a 1:35 and a 1:32… By no menas great but signs of improvement are there which is all I need.

Right hamstring is very tight from Sunday. I nearly ran today at lunch and am now glad I didn’t. I may even consider skipping tomorrow also. 19 days to A race. Recover before I do my last (and first) build of the year.

10km PB guaranteed in 19 days.

Don’t f*** it up.

Gym workout

Did a small home gym workout:

3×15 squats (28kg)

2×10 deadlift (28kg)

1-6-1 pyramid chin ups, 20 seconde between reps


I’m a little concerned with my deadlift technique so I took it very easy. Lets see tomorrow if there is any pain before I extend myself with that exercise.

Race #3 of 2010

Since we endured a lot as a family this year, I thought that if I get one result on the board in 2010 I’ll be happy. Well, as the headline states; today was my 3rd race. A 10km that was a tad short of 10km.

I hadn’t done a tap since Tuesday’s run and this morning was actively looking for an excuse not to run. I asked more than once if my help was needed at home instead of me going out racing. I was -unfortunately at the time- told to go out and race.

I jumped in the car and got to the start line 10 minutes before the start, had a small warm-up, took care of nature’s call and started running. As usual, those whom I planned on racing against took off like rabbits and I was left in no mans land between the joggers and the racers. I held my pace and after 2km the leaders started to come back to me. There were a few moments where I thought about taking it ease but all in all, I believe I left it all on the course. Crossed the line in 34:44 in 4th place. Reports from different watches varide from 9.1->9.26km; well short on the 10km it should have been.

A better curve than last race; pretty flat.