First * in a while

Today was a double first:

First swim in 5 months – I literally had not swam a single stroke since last April and it felt every bit as long today. The first 50m felt the way swimming should – an effortless glide through the water that is the closest thing to flying I have experienced. It went downhill pretty quickly from there. I swam lots of 50s and 100s and threw in a few 200s for good measure. At the end we did some ‘hard’ 50s. When I saw from the wall-clock that I was no longer holding 50 seconds/50 I decided it was time to go; by that stage my arms had felt absolutely lifeless for at least ten minutes. That’s the hardest swim done; the only way is up from now on.

The second first is that today was a double training day since April 12th. Nice mixed-pace run this morning. I kept the pace pretty solid all through the run and did probably three hard efforts – the last being the hardest. I should be coming into good form just in time for winter.