Back it up

Same run as yesterday but today I took it a little easier. No hard efforts at all. I felt a lot better than yesterday and only ran the 8km section 40 seconds slower – that’s only 5 seconds/km, which isn’t too bad.  The ‘bad’ side of the coin is that all the effort yesterday only gives me 5seconds/km extra speed, so the 00:30/km I’m after is a long way off at the moment. Still, nice to be running again.

I’ve also made a purchase to assist with my winter training, since this year I have done zero road cycling. I bought a set of rollers; “Elite V-Arion Parabolic Inertial Rollers” to be specific. The idea is to use the trainer for the very hard sessions and the rollers for the longer ones… apparently they keep things interesting! Let’s see how it goes.

I’m thinking of running again tomorrow; that’ll be 36km in 3 days, one rest day and then a 5k race. Nice week!