Tough Run

Today I ran the middle 8km of the XTreme trail with intention to remember and note the characteristics. Well, as I knew from before, kilometers 7, 8 and 9 are key section: km 7 is HARD: Long uphill, technical narrow downhill and a longer uphill followed by a not-so-technical downhill. This leads to km 8 which is a wide flat trail that allows normal road-like riunning followed by about 4-500m of descent. km 9 is up, down, up some more, down – zig-zags through the 10k back circuit. Getting these three kilometers done right can give up to one minute time saving for the XTreme course. Unfortunately for me, and last XTreme race of the season is tomorrow; not quite time enough to get it right!
I’ve decided to run the 5k at the weekend on tired legs. Main goal is September 18th and October 10th. There is no point tapering for a 5k race that is only for fun… So running tomorrow – sometime.