Ran today and -to my surprise- it was hot! Did the 10k trail and found it pretty tough going the entire way around. I ate breakfast in two parts; first at 7:38, second course at 8:15 – the idea was to remove fuel as an excuse for feeling bad since that was my likely candidate two days ago. Well, I can now state with a high degree of certainty that I was properly fueled. I must then be either slightly run-down or not fit enough for the intensity of my training.
Choices are:
Ignore it and keep on truckin’ and hope for a breakthrough.
Keep running but reduce training intensity for a week.
Take a two day rest.
I’m currently 37 days from what will be my only result of 2010, so I should take the cautious approach. Having said that, I want my only result of 2010 to be a good one so I may opt for the moderate risk approach… Let’s see.