The Double

I’m going to attempt a double run today. I’ll start with an easy lunchtime run and hopefully get to the track tonight for a hard interval session… Now; Plan is laid – all that’s left is to execute it!


I won’t do the double today – far too tired after the first run. I did th1 10km trail in Ursvik as planned which gave me a total of 14km running when the distance to-and-from the trail is considered. While running it felt slow and difficult – I thought that I might be due a small rest. I have just checked my watch and the time is a none too slow 44:51 for the 10k trail: not too bad at all. Apart from the decision not to run tonight I made one more decission while running: I will target Kista loppet as my A-race for the year. This leaves me 4 weeks of hard and fast training to do a respectable time. I haven’t seen the course profile, so it is difficult to predict a time but I would deffinitely like to go under 38:00 if the course allows. This means I’ll be hitting the track and doing lots of 800m repeats… so there is pain in the post!

If I can hit [ 12x800m on 3:00 (w/ 2:54/800) ] in 4 weeks time then I should surely do sub-38 for the 10k.