First * in a while

Today was a double first:

First swim in 5 months – I literally had not swam a single stroke since last April and it felt every bit as long today. The first 50m felt the way swimming should – an effortless glide through the water that is the closest thing to flying I have experienced. It went downhill pretty quickly from there. I swam lots of 50s and 100s and threw in a few 200s for good measure. At the end we did some ‘hard’ 50s. When I saw from the wall-clock that I was no longer holding 50 seconds/50 I decided it was time to go; by that stage my arms had felt absolutely lifeless for at least ten minutes. That’s the hardest swim done; the only way is up from now on.

The second first is that today was a double training day since April 12th. Nice mixed-pace run this morning. I kept the pace pretty solid all through the run and did probably three hard efforts – the last being the hardest. I should be coming into good form just in time for winter.

Rest & Race

I had a rest day on Friday and raced a 5k on Saturday. I expected to feel the backlash from the weeks training on Saturday morning but felt pretty good. Ran the 5k in 18:38, which is a new PB for me at the distance. Happy with that but I think I can do much better. It shows me that I have a lot of work to do for my upcoming 10k races.

What can be done between now and October 10th that will improve my speed significantly?
Given the amount of time I have per week, I should target 1 track session, 1 tough 60 minute run and 1 fartlek.


I ran a beautiful route that I have never ran before. The intention was to get some road running in instead of the usual trail running. After 8 minutes on the road I stumbled upon a trail I had not been on before. It led me along Edsviken in cool calm sunny conditions. I then headded back through the usual Ursvik course. It has been a long time since I ran a new course; maybe I should go exploring more often.

Four days in a row.

It’s been a while since I trained four consecutive days.
Mon: 20 minutes on the bike w/ Tabata sprints at the enc (8x)
Tue: 1 hour run w/ 2 hard efforts
Wed: 1 hour eun w/ 1 hard effort at the end
Thur: 42 minute run w/ 400m sprint at the end
I feel better today then I did yesterday and hope that holds until tomorrow’s 5km race.

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow but it doesn’t really matter; I have three 10km races semi-planned now: 8th Sept, 18th(or 19th) September and Oct 10th. Hopefuly I can run FAST in one of those; I really need to get back to the track to do that.

Back it up

Same run as yesterday but today I took it a little easier. No hard efforts at all. I felt a lot better than yesterday and only ran the 8km section 40 seconds slower – that’s only 5 seconds/km, which isn’t too bad.  The ‘bad’ side of the coin is that all the effort yesterday only gives me 5seconds/km extra speed, so the 00:30/km I’m after is a long way off at the moment. Still, nice to be running again.

I’ve also made a purchase to assist with my winter training, since this year I have done zero road cycling. I bought a set of rollers; “Elite V-Arion Parabolic Inertial Rollers” to be specific. The idea is to use the trainer for the very hard sessions and the rollers for the longer ones… apparently they keep things interesting! Let’s see how it goes.

I’m thinking of running again tomorrow; that’ll be 36km in 3 days, one rest day and then a 5k race. Nice week!

Tough Run

Today I ran the middle 8km of the XTreme trail with intention to remember and note the characteristics. Well, as I knew from before, kilometers 7, 8 and 9 are key section: km 7 is HARD: Long uphill, technical narrow downhill and a longer uphill followed by a not-so-technical downhill. This leads to km 8 which is a wide flat trail that allows normal road-like riunning followed by about 4-500m of descent. km 9 is up, down, up some more, down – zig-zags through the 10k back circuit. Getting these three kilometers done right can give up to one minute time saving for the XTreme course. Unfortunately for me, and last XTreme race of the season is tomorrow; not quite time enough to get it right!
I’ve decided to run the 5k at the weekend on tired legs. Main goal is September 18th and October 10th. There is no point tapering for a 5k race that is only for fun… So running tomorrow – sometime.

All work and no play…

…leaves only enough time for Tabata sprints.
A little better than Friday but still quite a drop-off in speed throughout the set.I attempted to hold 35+ km/h for every set and found this impossible by set 6 onwards. I’ll have a look at the data later but I seem to remember the speed dropping off to 30 on Friday.

Running has taken an unplanned back seat once again: too much to do, too little time. I am 5 days out from my first race of teh year and need a booster session; If time allows I’ll do a fast 5k tomorrow to address that, then it’s only easy runs after that.

Dr. Izumi Tabata, I’ve missed you…

…like a hole in the head!

I have not sat on my racer all year and since I got a rare moment alone at home I decided to jump on the trainer and decided to do a set ot timewise-tabata sprints; 15 minute w/u, 8x(20 seconds Max, 10 seconds rest), 2 min w/d.

Hurt lik hel and there was a HUGUE drop off in power as the sprints progressed. This means that I simply had not got the fitness for it. No biggie – better than a zero day!

Third day in a row

Surprisingly today I got the chance to run. That puts me at 14lm three days in a row and four 14km runs in dive days; that is the most running I have done in a very long time. It was my usual 2,5+10km trails. The 10k was ran in 45:07 in fairly extreme heat. Considering that and the week’s volume, that’s pretty good going. Happy with my week!

Hot Hot!

I did the very same 14km run that I did on Tuesday and Thursday and found it extremely difficult going. I think it has been quite a while since I ran 42km in 4 days and that was plainly evident today. The heat didn’t help matters at all; I felt completely dehydrated by the end – something I never experience. My new mantra to keep me going when every part of my body says stop is: “It’s a privilege to be in a position to willing put myself through this pain. ” Whatever works eh!
Hopefully I’ll get the benefit of these runs next week and can continue to build form for September 18th; my one and only result-to-be for 2010…


Ran today and -to my surprise- it was hot! Did the 10k trail and found it pretty tough going the entire way around. I ate breakfast in two parts; first at 7:38, second course at 8:15 – the idea was to remove fuel as an excuse for feeling bad since that was my likely candidate two days ago. Well, I can now state with a high degree of certainty that I was properly fueled. I must then be either slightly run-down or not fit enough for the intensity of my training.
Choices are:
Ignore it and keep on truckin’ and hope for a breakthrough.
Keep running but reduce training intensity for a week.
Take a two day rest.
I’m currently 37 days from what will be my only result of 2010, so I should take the cautious approach. Having said that, I want my only result of 2010 to be a good one so I may opt for the moderate risk approach… Let’s see.