My new run on the trails is the 2,5 followed by the 10k. I did this today in torrential rain; it was nice to start with but the humidity really got to me by the end – It was very hard to breathe… Still though, I did it and the 10k was knocked out in 45:20 – a semi-respectable time.

Back to the Track

Didn’t get out running last night but I managed a track session tonight. I’m not fit so I took it relatively easy:

4×400 on 2:00 (1:25, 1:29, 1:29, 1:29) 90 secs RI

800 in 2:58 on 4:00, 4×400 on 2:00 (1:29, 1:31, 1:31, 1:29), 2:00 RI

800 max, in 2:45 – !st lap in 1:25, 2nd lap in 1:20

12 mins jog home – all good!

Take A Chance?

I mast likely have the opportunity to run tonight – question is: Should I?

I feel a little sore from yesterday’s one and wonder if I will benefit from a run. Who to listen to: The modern running press that says “when in doubt, back off.” The LSD types that recommend what they call a recovery run or Lydiard who says, run all the time; If injured, run slower.

There’s also the possibility that I will listen to myself and run because I probably won’t get the chance to do so again for a few days… we’ll see what happens later.

Another run in the bag.

Got to do another run today – and as an added bonus, it was at a reasonable hour!

I did the 2,5km trail followed by the 10km one: including the to-and-from distance I’d say I got 13,5km done. My legs felt sore during the run even though I kept the intensity relatively low. I suppose there is still a bit of residual damage from Monday’s run… Nothing more to say apart from I’m on the comeback trail again…

One down…

Running again!

I got -or was given- a chance to run tonight. Decided to do the 10k trail at a mod-hard to hard pace. Since I had not ran in 18 days my HR was very high: higher than I would ordinarily be able to get it. I was ‘cruising’ at 165, a HR that normally takes a great deal if concentration to hold. Today it took a great deal of concentration to hold it under 165!

10 k lap done in 44:53 av. HR of 165.

Longest lay-off since I started training…

New healthy baby in the house; all the worry and waiting are over and now it’s my turn to contribute! It brings our population up to four and my spare time down to zero. Having two children really feels like a family to me – one didn’t so much. Now I have to begin to create a new routing that helps us all get what we want and need.

2010-07-02 was the last time I trained: I’m now at 17 days idle and feel pretty awful as a result. It’s time I start taking the minutes I have to spare and doing something with them. I have stretch-cords, an open stairway(that can be used for chin-ups) and a trainer; three items that allow me to train AND be available at a moments notice. It’s probably time to start doing short intensive trainer sessions (dreaded Tabata sprints!), stretch cords and incorporating daily push-ups and chin-ups into my routine. It won’t get me to Kona but anything is better than nothing.

I’ve just completed a short training set that consisted of:

2x {3x [20 catches (w/ stretch-cords[sc]), 20 pulls w/ sc, 5 chin-ups]}

I then did 2 x(6x 10 ski-pulls w/ sc

Back muscles feel like they have been busy. It’s a start!