Night Runner

Once again the clock had almost struck ten by the time I got the opportunity to go out for a run, so out I went and ran for around an hour. 35 minutes into the run I passed my local 366m track and decided to do a few sets:
3×400 on 2:00 (1:18, 1:19, 1:21)
2:00 RI
2×800 on 4:00 (2:53, 2:50)
Then a 12 minute run home to a shower and sauna.

Zero Weekend

Once again I had a complete zero for the weekend. The first chance I got was at 21:45 last night – I half got dressed and then decided that it was way too late.
Today I’ll do something – either the XTreme or some track work… We’ll see.

I had a chance

I had a chance to run today but decided not to do it. I think it’s too close to the run from last night. I’ll wait until later in the evening and see if the chance arises again. I’m flirting with the idea of starting to run every day no matter what. If I have to get up very early or go to bed very late – just do it. Fantasy or plan? Let’s see!

Now, off to see what’s going on in the Giro’. C’mon Cadel!

Finally got out for a run at 21:15. Just the 10km trail, which make it a 12km run door-to-door. Felt tired and the time.of 45:32 did not reflect how difficult it was. If I run tomorrow it will be the 5km trail making it a 7km run.


It’s difficult to get beck into writing this for a couple of reasons. First ond foremost is that I have slipped out of the habbit, second is that I don’t train too much these days!
I did however manage to run on Monday – and was fully intent on doing my usual 10km trail but once I started I decided to do the 15km Xtreme course. I had two goals in mind when I started running it.
1/ Take it easy
2/ Finish in 1:15 or better.
I managed to taki ti pretty easy most of the time; I was however playing catchup with my km splitts at times just to ensure that I made my 1:15 cut-off.
Crossed the start/finish line an 1:14:53
Total run was ~17km in 1:24. Not too bad considering my lack of distance training for the past 18 months.

I am flirting with the idea of doing the same run again tonight.

Well, I didn’t do the XTreme. Instead I ran around the lakes in Sundbyberg. On the way home I stopped off at the track and ran a short set of intervals: 4*1 lap. Funny thing was, the lap took 1:12 and I hasn’t pushing it at all. A bit of research on the web and I discover the track is 366m per lap in lane 1… never heard tell of that size track before.

Back online

It seems that a plugin – was corrupting the database; most likely Spamfree.

Since I have last posted I have moved house and only recently have I started running again:

Monday I ran my now local 10k cross-country track: 46:32 av. HR 149,

Last night -with tired legs- I ran it again: 45:18, av. HR 155