Opportunistic run…

Probably not a wise decision, but I went to the track:

Main set:
2x(4×400 on 2′) SP 2′
Splits, set 1: 1:27,1:26,1:25,1:24
Splits, set 2: 1:22,1:23,1:24,1:20

Pace varied from 3:37.5/km -> 3:20/km – average split was 1:23.875 which gives an average pace of 3:29/km

Pretty happy – let’s see if I did any damage and if I’m still happy tomorrow.

Test Swim

4th swim of my comeback:

1500m test: 23:45, 1:35/100m

The time in itself seems ok, but I was probably 10 seconds up on this pace at 400m.
My splits began to fade after that and dramatically so after 700m.
This -of course- shows a lack of deep fitness. No surprises there!