Point proven

I did something I said I wouldn’t do – namely, wear any speed measuring device while running. As a result I dir a run, looked at the average pace for the run and became disappointed; The very reason why I didn’t want to wear a speed sensor in the first place.

The bright side is threefold:
1/ I was right!
2/ I now know how (un)fit I am.
3/ I am motivated to get better now.

Run data: 10.1km, 47mins: 148 av. HR, 4:37/km

Swim #3

Third swim in ten days: what I notice already is that I have speeds. Last week I tugged along at the same speed no matter what the effort. Today’s main set was 6x400m on 7:00 pace 1-3 – While the pace was far from stellar, I did manage to vary the pace by 5 sec/400m.
Set 1 6:20
Set 2 6:15
Set 3 6:10
Set 4 6:20
Set 5 6:10
Set 6 6:02
Coming back!

Bit of a rest

Had a forced rest over the weekend; as a result I got back at it pretty hard today.
I started out with a hilly, snowy, wet and difficult 45 minute run over lunch – the last 6 minuts of which I ran -on solid ground- at a pretty good effort: I have no idea of the pace since I was not wearing my S3 or G3.

Later at night I went to the gym and did my first row in a week – that’s my longest break from the rower all winter. I have to admit that taking a break didn’t help. It was almost like I was starting over again. I dragged on the bar for 40:39 to do an uncomfortable 10km. The last 2km I held 250w.
A brief rest and I was on the treadmill: 10 mins, last 6 minutes @ 3:40/km


Swim tomorrow.

Swim #2

Second day swimming and as a result I have sore triceps as I sit here and type. The main set was 4×300 start 8:00
The times were: 4:30, 4:30, 4:25, 4:30

I did a short run during lunch; the Ursvik 5k and learned that it is not ready to run on. Soft wet snow made for a very unpleasant time. At least it is done… another double-day.

See if I can plan the day

Over the past few months I have been deciding the course of my training as the time presents itself. Deciding what type of run to do 5 minutes into the run, deciding what to do at the gym after I walk in… This has worked pretty well up to now but I think it’s time to start to plan a little; clean up my athletic to-do list.

Since I’m starting to up the run volume, it’s time to start to do som injury-prevention weight training. So I will do that today.
Plan is: 12km on the Conmcept2 easy pace. Then do the leg exercises – easy to start!


Well, the plan was executed to some extent; That is to say that I did row and do some weights. The rowing was faster and shorter than planned. A mere -and not too hard- 10km in 39:56 followed by a conservative start to the weight training: 3×10 Leg extensions w/ 30kg and 3×10 Hamstring extensions w/ 30kg.

None of the above os too much of a surprise. What is a surprise is the fact that I went swimming.
It was not the easiest beginning, the main set was: 12×200 Prog 1-3, start 3.30
The 200s started out at 3:00 and drifted up to 3:10 by the 8th 200. After that it quickly went to 3:20… not too bad of a marker.

Zero for the weekend

I had a complete zero for the weekend; life got in the way! To compensate for the slothenly weekend I got the week off to a start with a 07:30 12,000m row. The ratio of pain to gain is weighed heavily in fafour of the pain element when I train in te morning. For this very reason I have only ever ran to work twice… I wonder -like all things- can this be trained? If so, will there ba a downside? I’d hate to go through all that pain nd loose my ability to train at night. Something to think about.

Tonight I’ll also do a bit of something: run or row.

Back from a pretty nice run. 53 minutes at what felt like a pretty quick pace. No speed sensor so I have no idea how fast. 148 was the average HR – a good steady pace.


Quick and easy run tonight. Before I left, I sat on the toilet -clad in my running gear- thinking of quitting on the idea; I forced myself out and had a nice quick short run – 36 minutes at a pretty good clip. I’m still 3 weeks away from wearing my speed sensor, so what that ‘pretty good clip’ was, I can’t say for sure.

Tomorrow is about three things.
1/ Swimming with my daughter
2/ Milan San Remo
3/ Rest

Mario Cipollini has proposed Boasson Hagen, the young Norwegian, as favourite; wouldn’t that be interesting! Some have suggested that Fabian Cancellera may repeat his 2008 win, I don’t see the peleton letting that happen again. Let’s wait and see, anything can happen.

Mixing it up

Interesting gym session tonight:

12km on the concept2: 48:30 av. Power 196w
Short rest
15 x (1 minute @ 255w, 30 secs rest)
10 mins easy on the bike
10 mins steady run

The interval session was possibly a little too easy – I think that in order to go sub 18:30 (1:51/500m) in the 5k I’ll have to make the intervals longer. Next time I’ll do 10 x 1:30 on 30 seconds rest. The time after that I’ll do 10×2:00 on 45 seconds rest. After that I’ll tackle the 5k. Someone will be upset after that; whether it will be Don, Richie or myself remains to be seen.

Easy run

It’s now officially spring: outdoor life is back! I did another 50 minute run today and it felt pretty good – I’ll start to stretch the duration to a little over an hour next time. Two to three weeks of easy hour runs will give me a good base to start from. I am also considering the possibility of getting out on the bike on Sunday: A bit of cyclocross-ice action may be just what I need… Let’s see if the opportunity arrises.

All in all -considering the time of year- I’m more swim/bike/run unfit than I have been in years. Thanks to the rowing however, I’m probably fitter in general.

Back it up.

Went to the gym tonight to do an easy 12km row – to recover from and back up yesterday’s effort. Two things worth noting:

It seemed very, very easy – could that be because my body is judging it relative to yesterday’s effort? I’m not sure, but it took every bit of effort I possessed to HOLD BACK – I wanted to gun-it all the time.
The last time I rowed so conservatively was eight weeks ago; I did a 10,000m, keeping my HR under 150bpm. Last night’s row was 2km onger and had an average power 18w higher: That’s about 40s/10km faster for the same effort; that’s progress.