Rinning indoors again: 47 minutes at paces between 4:40 and 3:50/km. Getting tired of the gym – still snow covered and firmly in negative temperatures so that’s not going to change soon. They say ‘make hay whenh the sun shines’ but what can you make with snow?

12km more on the rower…

I did another 12km rowing today – took it out a little differently. I just start out and tried to hold 185w – which I did pretty well. I drifted into 190w for a while but tiredness took me back down to 185. A surge of 210-230w for the last 1000m made it a pretty difficult set.
12km, 188w av. Power, 49:13 – 12 seconds quicker than yesterday. The word easy easy used yesterday. The third word of the preceding sentence will be the only time it will be used today! It may be time for a rest.

12k C2

More rowing last night – a progressively hard 12km.
2km @ 170w
6km @ 185w
1km @ 190w
1km @ 200w
Average power 185w
I set the drag factor to 110 today instead of my usual 100 and it felt easier. This might be because I am rested and fitter than I was last week. I’ll stick to the 110 and see how I progress.
The goal is to row 15000m in under 60 minutes – I think after this workout I can see this happening soon. After that I’ll try some shorter distances after which I hope the snow is gone and I can start to run and cycle…

Fast 10k

I went to the gym today and was surprised to see a vacant treadmill. I ditched the intended 10k concept2 session and instead jumped onboard the treadmill and bashed out a 3:55/km 10k. During the last 2km I increased the speed by every 200m: Last 200 was done in 3:45/km where my HR spiked at 180 – I’ll feel that tomorrow!

More rowing

12km this morning before breakfast which was not pleasant to begin with.
Many times I considered ending the workout because it was initially difficult to hold 160w. 2km in though things became easier and holding 170-180w was pretty easy.
The session ended in a time of 50:40 with an av. Power of 172w – not bad…

An idea…

…possibley not so bright, but while on the rowing machine today I came up with the idea of rowing a 100km week.

I announced it at lunch and the response was immediate and double-barrelled:
Would you not be better off focusing on cycling?

My answers are:
Why not?
Yes I would be better off, but a) I have very limited possibility to use the home trainer and b) the incessant snowfalls make outdoor cycling somewhat difficult… but possible not more difficult than a 100km rowing week!

Today was a leisurely 10km kn the C2. 43:00 – 163w


I didn’t manage to get to the gym on Monday so instead I did Monday’s and Tuesday’s training today.
AM: 12,000m on the Concept2 in 50:25, 171w av. Power
PM: 10,000m on the Concept2 in 41:29, 182w av. Power
10 min running @ 4:14/km

Rest of sorts

I rested athleticaly over the weekend – however, I’m quite tired from lack of sleep. Nonetheless, I shall carry on and train tonight.
I’ll start with an indeterminate amount on the concept2 and follow up with that same amount on the treadmill.

There’s a time to run…

…and a time to rest. And after four tough -however short- training days. today was a day to rest. I discovered this by going out running; a run which barely qualified as a jog!
40 minutes @ 5:12/km with an av. HR if 141. I felt flat and uncomfortable the for the entire run and just tried to focus on staying tall and holding form. I’d like to think that it wasn’t a complete waste of time but the cynic in me thinks otherwise!
Anyway, that’s that for the week.